How To Get The Best Out Of Your Love Relationships

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By Isaac Mandioma

If something is worth doing ,its worth doing very well”. Bro Fore

Spend quality time together

The best way of improving your love relationship is to spend time together. This helps to create memories which are very vital for creating strong bonds. For example, as a couple you can have a walk together and share experiences that you would have gone through during the course of the week, you can also go for a jog together which is a very creative and healthy approach to investing time in your relationship. They say variety is the spice of life it’s important to do various activities together like playing cards, chess, or drafting. Thank God for the year 2019 we have a national cleanup day every first Friday of a month as a couple you can take your relationship to another level by volunteering to be part of the cleanup campaign whilst creating invaluable memories with your precious time together.

Show appreciation

After a long period of dating it is very easy to take small things that our partners do for us for granted. It is very important that we appreciate everything that your better half does for you because appreciation fuels the motive to do more for each other. Just a thank you accompanied by a hug will do a lot in making sure that your partner feels appreciated and motivated to invest more in the relationship be it time or gifts. Instead of complaining that the teddy that your boyfriend got for you is cheap and of very poor quality you can choose to appreciate that gift. That will not just keep your relationship lively but it will motivate the guy to do more to make you happy. Most women put a lot of time and effort into dressing up so that they can look good and impress their baes. Guess what the guy notices that his girl is so smart and dressed very well but he keeps quiet.

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Guys let us man up and prove to our ladies that we appreciate the effort they put in doing their nails, doing their hair, and looking good. A comment like hey you are looking good would be nice but I believe if we tailor the comment to suit the person it would be great. Like telling the girl how well her dress compliments her curvaceous body. Ladies you are not left out thank your guy for the air time, taking you out, and holding the do open for you. Yes, saying thank you would be nice but a statement like thank you sweetheart this means the world to me would be a notch better. It’s those little things that mean a lot to us.

Show each other affection

The word love I believe is a verb, not a noun. It’s not enough to say I love you, prove it. So the question now comes how do you prove that you love your bae /best half/ hun/sweetie? Gestures like holding hands, eye contact, and hugs are non-verbal ways of saying I love you. If you noticed I didn’t talk of sex because I believe sex is complicated if we use it as a measure of love then we will be making a huge mistake because first, we do not know what it was designed for, and once you use something you don’t know the purpose of then abuse is inevitable. Sex is for married people period that way we will experience fewer problems (sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies) .

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Shot of a young man giving his girlfriend a kiss on the forehead outdoors

Another very crucial tool that is sadly underutilized is “ gifts” yes gifts. It just means a lot to receive a random gift from a loved one for example receiving chocolate from your bae without having asked for it. It just shows that you are greatly loved and cared for and let’s be honest who doesn’t want to be loved? No one .there is various gifts that you can buy things like jewelry, flowers, clothing and the like. To be honest when it comes to gifts you know best what your better half likes that. For special occasions like birthdays and valentines, we need to plan on what we can get for our partners as gifts. To be honest, the effort pays to invest time in getting the perfect gift and I promise you will put a smile on that special face.

Pay attention

It is important that we learn to be present when we are with our valued partners. Attention is good be it at school, at church, or even during a movie. This is because when we pay attention we make the best use of our present time thereby we get to enjoy every moment. It is important that when you with your best half as I call my girl you give them 100% of your attention because they deserve it and it shows that you treat them as priorities .in the 21st century where our cellphones have become our best buddies, it’s not the best of ideas to text whilst talking to our baes, it’s just a sign of serious disrespect and to be honest if you love someone you will definitely respect them. Texting during a conversation will communicate that the message being conveyed is not that important and problems are likely to come up

Selfless attitude

My teacher used to say to leave the best for the last, my best idea for this presentation has to do with our mindset towards relationships. The biggest question is why are we in relationships. Most of us are in relationships to take not to give. we go into relationships to take money, gifts, company (chasing loneliness), prestige, and the likes. If we are to change our mindsets to a motive of giving in relationships, our relationships will be so much better. This is a challenge I pose to all of you who are reading this from today make sure you are playing an active part in improving your relationships. Buy gifts, be there for your partner when they need you, and be that reason to smile at your special person. I will quote a very famous saying there is more joy in giving than in receiving let’s adopt that giver mindset if you expect faithfulness to be faithful to yourself first if you like to be showered with gifts also shower your better half with gifts.


At the beginning of the article, I quoted brother Fore “if something is worth doing it’s worth doing very well”, if our relationships really mean a lot to us if we are getting so much value from them it’s worth investing the best in terms of money and resources. Wish you the best in your love lives.

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