7 Nuggets To Getting Your Dream Industrial Attachment

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By Carl Maswoswa

The world over the working environment is becoming more modernized with the ever-changing technology. The skills and technical know-how required are more demanding to the ordinary student than in the past. Industrial attachment bridges the gap between theory and practice, over a period of a year. Students are put in training in various institutions. This is done for students to realize their skills and put into action what they learned. Universities should start giving opportunities to students with a strategic plan of some sort to start a business with the assistance of mentors, business hubs, and sponsors. This should be counted as attachment time. It is part of creating skills and it is a good way of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset in a student at the grassroots level.

Here are some of the nuggets on getting that dream attachment;


Putting God first before everything really counts. If you are in the process, be smart and take your issues to the Lord. Opportunities come in unlikely places. Pray to God that he guides you in your journey to finding a good company that will lead you to be more constructive and prayerful. As you apply and send your CVs, or even go to drop off your CVs pray! Only God knows where you will work best and excel. Constantly pray, even if the place does not live up to your expectations…accept anyway. Respect what God says, money will come at a later time. Avoid being caught in a spiral cycle of looking for money let it be a secondary benefit. Many a time, some students have deferred because their appetite for money was not satisfied. Be wise!!!

Attend Career Fair, Interviews grooming and etiquette sessions…

This makes you more knowledgeable on what the Human Resources Team or the hiring personnel is looking for. It aids you in knowing where to apply and how to apply. You get a more depth understanding of the job demands. Career Fairs do open opportunities for you. You get to see the picture of a potential candidate needed in a certain industry. This means more choices. Interviewing grooming sessions boosts your confidence from the start, you know the type of attire to wear for girls and for boys the kind of suit to wear.

Reading current affairs in your particular field

You can never run away from the question of being asked, “What do you think this position entails or require?” Be prepared to speak your mind, never go to an interview without knowing what the company does, it is a recipe for disaster. If you are looking for an HR placement or accounting placement, questions pertaining to your field are likely to pop up like, “As an accounting attaché, what are the accounting standards that are key to our line of business”. Do not relax and put your books away! Read occasionally so that the facts are always on your fingertips, technical questions always come up! Some companies give a test as their way of selection, some do psychometric tests to be specific thus your pool of knowledge should always be full. Do not embarrass yourself, be well prepared.


This is the strongest nugget that wins you the jackpot in your dream attachment journey. Be humble do not be full of l know, as large as the industry is you can never get your hands on every information that comes by. Build and maintain strong relationships with your classmates, lecturers, family members, and the people living in your neighborhood again do play a pivotal role in you securing a nice place.

A friend can hear Delta Beverages or Steward Bank is looking for attaches, of course, if you do not communicate well, you miss out! We are not an island in the midst of water, we do need help somehow. Ninety percent of the students attached always get their place through a family referral, a friend, a Lecturer, or a classmate. We live in the 21st Century be sure to make use of your social media for instance WhatsApp, or Facebook to get job notifications on your phone. Companies like Hatch Talent, IPCC, and Employment Hubs constantly put job placement notifications on the internet, and make use of these opportunities.

Good marks save the day

When at University, students will be busy fooling each other saying distinctions do not matter; what matters is just passing. If you are one of those students who subscribe to this, then you need to change. Good passes do matter. Companies do need students with distinctions. Chances are high you will secure a place for attachment of your dream with good grades. Read smart and perform better!

Apply on time!

Find the kind of companies you like, ensuring you know their intake month and requirements. Apply there and to other companies you like, to widen your horizons. If you don’t have the money or resources to apply specifically to the institutions of your preference, it goes without saying there is a lot of competition thereby applying on time. Cease doing last-minute applications it will not get you anywhere. Never lose hope, everything happens in its own time. As others get attached leaving you only not attached be confident and stare at the brighter side! Make sure your CV is neatly typed, and revise and correct any typos, errors, etc. Your CV is your brand. It speaks on your behalf. Perfect and design your CV in a way to lure HR attention.

Avoid being choosy

Fate may hold a different tale, as a company calls you for an interview just go, do not reject an offer before you hear what a company has to say in terms of their benefits. Definitely some students I know will reject some offers just looking at the outward brand or premises, saying will something good ever come out of this. Go to each and every interview you are called until you find your ultimate choice of a company. If you get a job at a workplace where the enhancement of your skills is in jeopardy, work there. On the other side finding and applying at other companies you feel will motivate you and make you achieve more

Luckily the next batch coming, and the government has put some measures in order to help you reach that equilibrium you need. As of 2018 government of Zimbabwe will be giving student allowances to those students attached to the government. In addition, the government also slashed university fees for students on attachment by 40% thus a good development for a more exciting attachment year. Furthermore, students can access loans from the facilities government mandated to give out loans. Therefore no reason to be terrified over the payment of fees.

Enjoy your placement as you get into the real world!

Carl Maswoswa is a Writer, Certified Life Coach, and Former Accounting student at NUST (National University of Science and Technology Zimbabwe). He writes in his own personal capacity.

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