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Welcome to the Prime Time Interview with your host Munyaradzi Zindi the Social Architect courtesy of Shanduko Foundation, today we have a very special guest The Golden Valley founder and Director Mr. Shepherd Ndoro.

Question: Mr. Ndoro welcome to the Prime Time interview !!! can you please give us s brief history of your background, who is Shepherd?

 SN: Thank you like you mentioned my name is Shepherd Ndoro, born and bread in Mabvuku/Tafara. I’m into Argo-business specializing with organic products such as pure honey, peanut butter, black jack, macadamia nuts and pecans. Grew up a ghetto boy passionate about becoming a pilot one day.

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 Question : In terms of education what did you study?

SN: By profession I’m into cyber security in short.

 Question: Relating what you studied and what you do professionally can you marry two?

 SN: What I’m currently doing and what I studied are two different things at all one way or the  other they don’t match.

 Question: You mentioned in your introduction that you are an entrepreneur who influenced you to be an entrepreneur, and in your own view how do you view the industry in Zimbabwe in general and what can be done to add value to our young entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe?

SN: What simply made me to be an entrepreneur is that of one day years ago when I was employed at one of the reputable company, was on fixed contract that I renewed every year. I  went through my contract then I came across a certain clause which stated that my contract can be terminated within 48 hours without me being notified. This alarmed me that I’m nothing within this organization and can’t end my career working for someone. Ideas started to come through where my life will be in the next couple of years, if I don’t wake up and smell the coffee. Industry in Zimbabwe it’s completely down but the best we can do as young people, we need to come up with ideas and resuscitate again. To my fellow young folks who are entrepreneurs we need to do things that will benefit majority not you only.

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 Question: As a young person in Zimbabwe growing up in a country that has been ravaged by economic meltdowns and various crises what made you decide that you were going to venture into entrepreneurship?

 SN: Living in a country that do not follow global economic trends for more than 20 year still trapped in a serious recession. Ventured into entrepreneurship in order to make a change one day.

Question: We can’t do an interview with Mr. Ndoro without mentioning the Simbiso Jumpstart initiative !!!. In short, can you put it in words what is it all about?

 SN: The Simbiso Jumpstart initiative it’s all about nurturing young talent giving  them hope upon their dreams, we believe birds of the same feathers flock together, the initiative is there to bring the lost hope and we believe that young people can be leaders of tomorrow.

 Question: As a young person trying to make a difference can you name a few obstacles that have come on your path and how have you managed to overcome those hiccups?

 SN: Being an entrepreneur it’s not an easy road like what people say, it requires a lot of perseverance. During my first year had a challenge of market coming to the field of play where they are giants who had made their names on the market. Faced a lot of rejection in my coming to the market to gain trust from people it’s not easy especially my industry of food a lot is being considered. I never lost hope one thing I can say readers are leaders had to study my fellow competitors how they are running their entities then started to develop from there had to work on SWOT analysis.

 Question How has Coronavirus implications affected your business in regards to your sales and providing your services?

 SN: Corona virus had negative and positive effects. Our sales went down due to the lockdown of the first 21 days we had a loss of more than US$2000 in sales .Business was made to be on hold for three weeks no movement took place within the organization. On the other hand we managed to create new ways of selling our products during lockdown period. We have developed a new system called Golden connect where u open account with us and have 10% discount. Products will be delivered on your door step. We also developed an idea where u can visit our website or social media pages on your device then you get to know how our products works.

 Question: Having said all this about yourself I think I will pose the question that everyone wants, where do you see yourself in 5-10 years to come and your legacy what do you want to be remembered with?

 SN: That’s a good question for sure but in the next five year I see myself on another level especially my product dominating on the international market, already steps towards achieving that are now at advanced stage. In ten years time Golden Valley company will be amongst the best and in short our product is already known in most countries of sub Saharan continent. Want to be remembered one day as the first black Youngman to have more than 10 million hives throughout Africa.

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Question: if you are to be president of the Republic of Zimbabwe for 100 days what would want to do away within this country and what will you bring to the table as our president?

 SN: Will bring a change and make sure Zimbabwean citizens get their share of resources.

Question: Your last words to everyone who will come across this interview?

 SN: I urge them when you have an idea in mind procrastination is thief of time don’t delay start working on it find people who are already successful and be your mentors.

Thank you for your time Mr. Shepard Ndoro for this awesome interview we wish you well in your endeavors and we hope that we will be able to see you achieve greater success in your endeavors. No one will come and do it for you whilst you are just sitting enjoying the spectacular view. “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD

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