Get To Know Valentine Kuzondishaya, The Lion Heart

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An award winning speaker, venture capitalist and business mogul, Valentine Kuzondishaya was born in Chipinge on the 12th of July 1995.

“I was raised at Watershed College, where my mother worked as a domestic assistant and my father was a driver.  My mother was in charge of cleaning the hostels. When I was eleven years old, three months after my father passed away, we were ordered to leave the school compound where we were living.”

 Following the passing of his father, Kuzondishaya moved in with his mother and younger brother to live with his uncle in Cherima, Marondera. There, they were given two rooms in the backyard.

“I completed my form 1–4 education at Rakudze High School after completing my elementary schooling at Godfrey Huggins Primary School. I had the good fortune to receive a Capernaum Scholarship from Tsitsi Masiyiwa’s NGO, Higherlife Foundation. Afterwards, I went to Macheke High School for my A level,” Kuzondishaya said.

Kuzondishaya claimed that his life experience had given him a lion’s heart. “Life was rough. When I was 12 years old, I started selling fruits and vegetables on the streets of Marondera. I also sold firewood, popcorn, and maputi, ” kuspeed”, a well-known street, in Marondera.

“I opened my first business, a game store, not long after I completed my Olevel. My mother and I agreed that if the Game Shop fails, I will return to school. After my gaming shop venture failed, I had to return to Macheke to complete my A-level. I only had five subjects, and the fifth  was a practical  subject computer, therefore my options were limited  so I had to go to  Mucheke”

“After my A level, when I was 19, I started a business called Fusion Love. The business was disorganized, it started as a computer lessons business, then changed to keyboard lessons, after that we started venturing into a social enterprise organization, we did product and promotional marketing for Chicken  Inn. During that time I was unfocused and I did anything that came my way. I had an office in Marondera at Thembani flats ” he said.

“I later relocated to Capetown, South Africa, when I was 20 years old. There, I worked for three months at Food Lovers. I’ve only worked for three months in my entire life. “He narrated.

Kuzondishaya established the caffeinated energy drink Jango Kingz in 2021, which sent a ripple across Africa. The beverage was served in Gauteng, Soweto, South Africa. Later on, the energy drink company dissolved for unknown reasons.”Our people need hope, my goal was to create employment and help in building unstoppable entrepreneurs back home, in Zimbabwe,” he said in response to the question of what motivated him to start the energy drink.

“American motivational speaker Eric Thomas is one of my sources of inspiration. Eric Thomas transformed my life. I attended one of his presentations a few years ago, and I paid for his mentorship sessions. In addition, I find inspiration in the works of the late Dr Myles Munroe, Rick Ross, Dj Sbu, my mother, Strive Masiyiwa, and most importantly, God.”

“My mother, my mother-in-law, my wife, and my children are my strongest sources of support. The support I receive from my family motivates me to go out there and crush it. My little brother is my rock”

“The best entrepreneurs are those that aren’t afraid to take the risk of starting. That’s my advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. The most amazing people never wait for everything to be ideal.  Avoid waiting for things to turn out exactly the way you want them to. The most successful people are those who are resourceful with what little they have and work hard to make things happen rather than those who are endowed with an abundance of resources.”

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