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Tafadzwa Makondo had a chance to have a chat with Mandipa Shumba over her success in the publishing business and get her motivations for the same and be a successful lady at a young age. Join Tafadzwa Makondo (TM) as he interviews Mandipa Shumba (MS) on her work for the publishing house.

TM: Mandipa Shumba welcome to the Motimagazine interview!!! Can you please give us a brief history of your background, who is Mandipa Shumba?

MS: Thank you for the warm welcome. Mandipa is a 22-year-old Zimbabwean author who was bread in Marondera while attending the Wise Owl group of schools. I currently reside in Manitoba, Canada where I’m a student and business owner.

TM: In terms of education, what did you study?

MS: I’m in my last year of studying global political economy.

TM: Relating what you studied and what you do professionally can you marry two?

MS: Being in my last year of studies and being honest it marries into every profession. I currently work for a logistics company and it does make sense. Also, the publishing house is a people’s business which fits into what I studied too.

TM: As an individual trying to make a difference can you name few obstacles that have come on your path and how you have managed to overcome those hiccups?

MS: There are always obstacles, the first being imposter syndrome which can be a result of lack of finances, lack of experience, your background but I have always overcome this by asking for help Mandi inspiration Publishing House is not an “okay man” show and it never will be. We are an organization that builds each other and this helps me overcome impostor syndrome.

TM: Who motivated you to be where you are right now?

MS: Motivation is everywhere to me but right now at this moment, the credit goes to my mom. She believes in me more than I believe in myself.

TM: What are the secrets to success you want to share and your personal beliefs?

MS: My top secret which won’t be the so-called secret after this is to keep going and to pray. It’s that easily said but the consistency is tough too.

TM: What motivated you to start your own publishing house?

MS: The stats for black publishers and my love to read sparked an interest in the industry. The stats are staggeringly low.

TM: Tell us about the publishing house and your niche?

MS: The publishing houses’ mission is to make words the actual soul of creativity and we envision ourselves growing beyond Zimbabwean and Canadian borders. We seek for others to read the beautiful stories we come in contact with daily.

TM: What do you love about your job and the role you are playing in society?

MS: I love that I’m not just a middle man between readers and writers, I’m a lover of both worlds and it makes me take joy in being the Founder of the publishing house.

TM: How have life experiences taught you to the voice of the voiceless, to be a writer and a publisher?

MS: Life is volatile and the only way to leave solid evidence of existence and emotion is to pen it down. I’ve truly experienced more through reading than just life itself and this is why I want more stories to be written for others to experience life fully without living fluidly.

TM: Having said all this about yourself I think I will pose the question that everyone wants, where do you see yourself in 5-10 years to come and your legacy what do you want to be remembered with?

MS: We are growing at a steady pace, and many will be surprised that in 5-10 years, young people worldwide will embrace reading through some creative methods we are looking to implement.  As an individual, the way I’m not giving up shows the face of my future and it’s too bright to look straight in the eyes.

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TM: Being a leader, what are the leadership qualities that one should have?

MS: Leaders are doers, we set examples, we are in the trenches working hard with our team and we are reliable among many other qualities.

TM: How can people access your social media platforms?

MS: I’m known as Mandipa Shumba all over social media, even the publishing house is on my shoulders because you cannot separate an elephant and its tusk but we are on solid ground that is the Mandi inspiration Publishing House team. We also have an amazing website

TM: Your last words to everyone who will come across this interview?

MS: To anyone reading this even when it hurts keep going. Thank you ♥️

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