An Elite Storyteller! Jasmine Alexander – 2023 Actress & Filmmaker of the Year Award Winner

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Storytelling is a prehistoric art form that has been around for several millennia! The ability to effectively convey a story or narrative was often contingent on the “delivery” of the storyteller. Charisma, confidence, and body language often comprise the qualities of a great storyteller. One could argue that these same fundamental qualities may apply to the art of acting. Better yet, the art of acting as we know it today can be classified as a form of “storytelling”. With this knowledge, it would be plausible to assume that the best storytellers often come in the form of elite actors and/or filmmakers. A great example of this is the profoundly gifted Jasmine Alexander who may just be one of the best storytellers around!

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Jasmine Alexander is a highly regarded actress and filmmaker who has notched up several acting awards over the years. Her trophy cabinet is saturated with a variety of prestigious accolades from countless film festivals and acting establishments. Perhaps the best of the bunch is her most recent “Actress & Filmmaker” of the Year Award (2023). These awards are simply a testament to Jasmine’s inherent gift of storytelling! She has an astonishing ability to bring any acting scenario to life with such captivating and compelling scripts. In addition to this, her repertoire as an actress is on par with her dazzling filmmaking skills making her a “unicorn” of sorts. Very few people in the acting industry are capable of exhibiting “both” acting and filmmaking prowess at an elite level. Jasmine just happens to be one of those select few!

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The highly touted Actress & Filmmaker’s roots trace back to Flint, Michigan which is the city in which she first discovered her passion for the creative arts. She spent a significant portion of her early adult life in Texas before making the swift transition to Atlanta where she managed to further bolster her craft. Although Jasmine always had a palpable affinity for the creative arts, she only realized her acting dream as recently as 2015. That would be the same year that the star actress finally received her long-anticipated debut casting role. Since then, it’s been nowhere but up for the trailblazer! She has starred in several short films, feature films, and commercials. Back in 2021, she would have one of the most exhilarating stints of her illustrious career thus far. This was preceded by the move to Atlanta which did wonders for her career.

As Jasmine’s work surged in popularity, so did her acting opportunities. Her work both as an actress and filmmaker would appear on Amazon Prime, HGTV, Tubi, and other major platforms. This culminated in Jasmine being featured on several huge forums such as The Hype Magazine, OZ Magazine, and Bold Journey Magazine among many others. To date, the actress has either starred in or been a filmmaker of well over a dozen notable films. Some of the fan favorites include “The House” and “Body Image” which have both received numerous prestigious film awards. In these films, Jasmine has had the pleasure of working alongside other highly gifted creatives such as Jayla Re’shon, Shawn Sim, Curtis Goode, Melissa Ottaviano, and Destinee Sanders to name a few. So not only is she a bonafide star, but she also genuinely derives pleasure from creating opportunities for peers and colleagues to shine.

In the coming months and years, Jasmine will continue to cement her legacy as a generational storyteller. Stay tuned!


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