Kwingy: Zero-Rated Disruptive Online Shopping Experience Launched

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Kwingy is here to disrupt the online shopping experience in Zimbabwe. As we roll out this shopping platform, for now, it will be starting in the Capital City, of Harare. Kwingy will bring merchants from all walks of life without fear or favor, so, even the most informal but legal merchants are welcome to partner with Kwingy to sell their products. From as tiny as bracelets to as big as home alliances, Kwingy is the platform for you!

Kwingy is dedicated to bringing convenience to your doorstep with minimal cost to you! Our core values at Kwingy are Speed, convenience, safety, quality, affordability, and customer centrism. Kwingy is launching with over 1000 merchants listed on the platform. We can service the whole city as far as Chitungwiza, Ruwa, and Umwingsdale. Our payment options include online payments such as visa, Mastercard, PayPal, mobile money, and of course we do accept cash on delivery. We have created this platform with the diaspora in mind, you now have the opportunity to spoil your loved ones back home at the click of a button

We are very obsessed with how you will receive your package when you shop with Kwingy, which is why we have ensured the product regardless of size and prize. Every package is delicately and professionally handled. We ensure this by following industry standards which compel us to have primary, secondary, and very fragile packages, we will also use tertiary packaging. The quality and stand of the packaging are checked by at least 4 people before it gets into your hands. To put your mind at ease, you will be able to track the movement of your package from us to you. Kwingy will play at your fantasies and can deliver products on all special occasions, be it a birthday, wedding, or baby shower; we ensure smiles and sway through and through.

 We have dedicated resources to ensure customer feedback and engagement. You will not walk this journey alone. We make it a priority at Kwingy to give a homogenous experience would have had in the supermarket, hardware, store, boutique, and warehouse in the comfort of your home.

The Product

The basic fundamental of all commercial technology is to provide business value and tremendous human value.

Kwingy has been built with a team that believes in the simplicity and accessibility of technology.

A team that has collected valuable user feedback from users of current e-commerce platforms and used it to create a better experience and changes the perception of how people buy.

Like our predecessors, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay we have created technology that is 10 times better than what is there now increasing speed, accessibility, and productivity for all our future users.

Kwingy has been built on top of the most exciting and powerful tools, to make it the fastest e-commerce platform in zimbabwe by 10 times

Our team has built Kwingy with the basic Zimbabwean in mind making sure it is accessible for free to over 10 million people on the Econet

With an easy-to-use dashboard that gives merchants the power to manage their businesses more efficiently and make more money, we will have the largest cloud inventory in Zimbabwe, and guess what it’s free for everyone.

An efficient delivery system that has been built on top of one of the most powerful map API in the world to make sure your shopping experience is never determined by where you are we gave consumers the power to manage their spending and be spoilt for choice when it comes to price and quality.

Kwingy, living in abundance!

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