21 Year Old Making It Big

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By Sylivia Changachirere

It is ever so often that many successful people have an inspiring and yet sympathetic story one can relate to and even be motivated to push forward for their sakes.

The name Enock Abraham might not be known on a large scale but he bent on making himself a self-financial breakthrough in the world of business.

His full name is Enock Tinotenda Mangirande, he was a young entrepreneur who conquered terrible circumstances when he was growing up to become an effective entrepreneur, thus the preference of the name Enock Abraham is because of its religious inference.

At the age of 21, Enock is fast becoming part of the rising young entrepreneurs of the 21st generation. His bio includes a position in investing and sales leadership at the Jango Kingz Food and Beverages based in South Africa, leadership board of Mangs Wholesale and Distribution in Mutare.

Aside from Enock having the head of business and being successful he is a passionate player for football and once played second division football in Mutare, regardless of the need to further his passion for football, the business became his second calling as the opportunity came knocking at his door.

Asunder for the work to speak for itself he confirms his strong work ethic and self-motivation with validation from Valentine Kuzondishaya, Warren Jack, and Gabriel Nyoni agreeing that Enock is indeed a goal-getter.

Enock met Valent on Instagram through the search for Zim ambassadors for the tour of seminars for Motivational Speaking and through the work ethic of finding many attendees for the gathering thus the relationship was born and gained the seat of leadership in the company Jango Kingz.

The drive to work hard was inspired by the type of upbringing he had to go through, from moving from one area of comfort to that having to share with his siblings, being cramped in one room as a whole family, and moving to the township of Sakubva in Mutare, his father’s loss of assets due to bad debts that had accrued in his small businesses, moving from a boarding school to a local day school.

As the first born in his family while atoned with the many responsibilities, Enock had to put in more hard work and even make difficult decisions like dropping out of university as it would not take him to the financial heights he wanted thus turning to entrepreneurship to reach it all.

Just like any business or entrepreneurship, there is a need to know the game thus Enock is involved in being an avid reader and learning about business not forgetting financial education.

“I will go back to school one of these days because I want to major in real estate and become a guru in that industry… entrepreneurship is a tool for me and has allowed me to research real estate while pushing me to major in it and give myself time to gain mentors,’ Enock’s remark.

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