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The world is currently facing a climate crisis. The rising sea levels, drought, unpredictable weather patterns, flash floods, rising global temperatures, and melting glaciers, among other effects are a reality that we are getting used to today.

Climate change is becoming a menace to humanity as it is having devastating effects on their health, economy, lifestyle, and how they relate with each other. Climate change is caused by human activities such as producing and using fossil fuels for energy, deforestation, lack of proper waste disposal causing pollution and landfills, and emissions from industries.

Due to the devastating nature of the climate crisis individuals, institutions, and organizations such as We Don’t Have Time (WHDT) have come up to advocate for climate justice, change in human behavior, sustainable living, educating the masses on solutions, and campaigning for an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The global organization We Don’t Have Time was founded by Ingmar Rentzhog together with his pco-founder Mr. David Olsson, in 2016. The organization has come a long way and expanded, creating other branches in different countries worldwide. The organization has been committed in its endeavors to call for climate justice, action, and creating awareness of the problem and the solutions that can be adapted to put an end to the crisis.

From the name itself, we don’t have time is a warning to us all, we either change or perish, change our lifestyle, our utilization of natural resources or we push ourselves to extinction. We Don’t Have Time has taken advantage of technology and social media to carry out the climate action campaign with its main platform being the We Don’t Have Time App which is available on the google play store and app store.

The organization has been rated as the largest review platform in the world with a membership of over 75,000 users and 250 partners globally. The organization working together with like-minded organizations has been participating in various conservation activities such as cleanups, tree planting, and organizing seminars/conferences which they use to educate the community.

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Mr. Edwin Nyaguthii (Digital & Media Outreach Coordinator – WDHT)

“The organization’s working system is based on holding individuals, governments, institutions, and organizations accountable for their actions through reviews and pushing them to change their ways for the better. The organization strongly advocates for educating the masses on the importance of environmental conservation so that they can instill the self-motivation, purpose, and knowledge which contributes to individual action that plays a huge role in curbing the crisis. It is better to show one how to fish rather than providing them with the fish. Instead of planting trees for the community, the organization tries to show the community how to grow the trees, the benefits it comes with, and how they can be done sustainably,” Mr. Edwin – the Digital and Media Outreach Coordinator – says.

“Together we are the solution to the climate crisis” is the organization’s clarion call which depicts the fact that a single person can only do his part but if people work as a unity we can achieve more. Being guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) WDHT is working towards achieving a sustainable world, enhancing climate change mitigation, and promoting self-motivated climate action.

It is for this reason that We Don’t Have Time calls on you to rise and take the simplest step that you can towards raising the attention of your government and organizations by speaking up and telling them that time is running out to put a halt to the rising global temperatures.

Mr. Edwin adds that, “The Climate crisis is real, and the only way we can remedy this is by joining hands and walking together in offering solutions. We welcome individuals and organizations to be part of the solution by signing in to the We Don’t Have Time platform through the link  www.wedonthavetime.org or downloading the We Don’t Have Time app on the play store or Appstore. Earth is all we have in common so let’s protect it. Together we are the solution to the climate crisis.”

We Don’t Have Time works on three pillars of reviews: Climate love, Climate idea, and Climate Warning.

  • Climate love reviews get to appreciate organizations, individuals, and governments doing things that are friendly to the environment; an organization that manufactures electric cars is an example of an organization that deserves climate love reviews as it encourages the reduction of carbon emissions in the environment.
  • Climate idea reviews suggest to organizations or even governments a new way of fostering a more sustainable environment if implemented.
  • Climate warning urges organizations or governments doing things that negatively impact the environment to stop and embrace other sustainable practices.

“Also, the WDHT African office is looking forward to hosting COP 27, which is scheduled to take place in November this year in Egypt, and many other future global climate-based events,” he concludes.

Connect We Don’t Have Time via contacts below:

Twitter: @WeDontHaveTime or @WeDontHaveTimeKE

Instagram: @WeDontHaveTime0

Email: kenya@wedonthavetime.org

Office Number: +254 710330834

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