The Inspirational Rise of USA Based Rapper – “Roc Boy Preezy”

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The exceptionally gifted rapper known as “Roc boy preezy” has been garnering widespread attention for his captivating rhymes and amazing lyrical flow. He enjoys creating uptempo and positive music that provides a lasting “feel good” effect among listeners. Every

time he releases a new song, it seems to create euphoria and buzz. Majority of his recent songs have even received coverage from some of the biggest music publications in the world such as “This Is 50” and “The Hype Magazine“. Moreover, “Roc boy preezy” has opened shows for mainstream artists like Rich Homie Quan, Omarion and Lloyd Banks to name a few. The Motimagz Life & Style correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) had an interview with “Roc boy preezy” (Rbp). Below are some excerpts from the interview.

CM: Nowadays it seems as if too many people easily give up on their dreams especially if they do not receive validation from peers, friends and family. What was your personal experience when it came to being doubted or underestimated?

Rbp: First of all, art is my passion so even if I don’t get the validation and support that I deserve, I would still do it. Of course I had to deal with haters and doubters but my persistence and quality of work is slowly turning them into supporters.

CM: Today, you’re emerging as one of the most exciting and talented rappers around. What does it mean to you knowing that you’re actively entertaining and inspiring countless people through music?

Rbp: I’m extremely humbled and at the same time I feel great about it. Being able to reach people all over the world through my art is amazing, it’s a dream come true. Glory be to God.

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CM: Your multi-dimensional rap style is very captivating and refreshing. Where does your raw ability and flair come from?

Rbp: The truth is that I’m a big fan of different styles of rap, I have different personalities and most of the time I just let my mood take over. I could listen to Pac or Kendrick right now and listen to Drake or Nelly right after, I don’t put myself in a specific box.

CM: You can rap, sing, dance, direct and even edit music videos. How did you become so good at everything?

Rbp: Well my biggest inspirations are Pac, Michael Jackson, 50 cent and Chris brown. The fact that I like so many different things just makes it easier for me to be diverse in my production. I get better everyday because I work on my craft. I spend a lot of time practicing. I’m a model, a personal trainer and did some acting as well.

CM: In this “high pressure” and “competitive” world we live in, what would you say to young people who may look up to you and want to pursue their dreams just like you did?

Rbp: I would simply say, chase your dream. Find what you are good at, work on it and believe in it because nobody else will do it for you. Persistence, hard work and God is what you need.

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