Why You Need To Take Action, and Stop Procrastinating

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Are you results-oriented in your business/company?

The time perspective you have for your business determines its core activities, and the mission and vision for your business give a clear direction of where you are going. Unfortunately, most people read books, with too much unnecessary information you have. The reason why you are failing to connect the dots it’s because you procrastinate to take action. You have read all the books, you have listened to all the motivation available, and you have contacts with successful people yet your life is still the same.

You can only connect the dots by taking action and pulling the trigger even if it means you fail. You are more worried about what people are going to say, you continue engaging in self-sabotaging activities all day long this is why you think with limitations (low self-esteem) You listen to your neighbors and friends whom you drink with or do clubs with who are so jealous that they don’t really want to see someone doing something that they disapprove or challenges them because of superiority complex. Pull the trigger and take action, you don’t fail but learn to do it better.

In whatever you are doing, what is your time perspective? What gets measured gets accomplished. Don’t just do it to occupy yourself but seek to establish yourself in it and become an expert in your business, money follows consistency. You can’t know everything with basic understanding and expect to be paid a high salary or high premium when the information you have is shallow.

Growth of capital is mostly issued to businesses with a vision to expand as it will give confidence to the issuer capital growth, no one wants to fund gullibility or disorder or short term as there won’t be any growth of capital in terms of revenues and market share.

Don’t be a vendor or a corner shop vendor for 20 years when you have the window to see beyond and remain in that position justifying it with reasons meant to keep you poor. It’s better to focus on one problem-solving skill for 5 years than expand your skills as it would give you the competitive advantage of having a track record, scalability, and reputation.

Be patient with yourself and your business. It’s a process, not a journey. Being high performance and goal-oriented is not for journey walkers but for those who understand processes and are able to leverage them. The more you invest in your expertise the more you get paid.

Mistakes and problems you will do and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and learning from every failed experience will make you better.

Focusing on one skill at a time gives you confidence, expertise, and the highest professional performance.

See you next time.

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Regards Mr. Sibanda

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