Software Engineer Shares Her Tech Journey: Short Interview

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Zvikomborero Claire Duri and Collins Jimu developed the game-changing and award-winning AI-powered cancer-diagnosis system; Cancer 360. The duo won the Cybertech Africa Security and Blockchain Hackathon last year (2023) in Rwanda and walked away with a prize money of US$ 5,000 after beating off other 120 competitors.

Our correspondent Sylvia Tadiwa sat down for a short interview with one of the co-founders, Claire Duri to share about her tech journey.

Growing up what were the challenges you faced with the love of technology?

Lack of resources to be able to access the internet. Internet retention is also slow in Zimbabwe and growing up before we were as advanced as we are now accessing the little resources available was also difficult. The only place a computer was available was at school in the computer lab and you only had access to it a few hours a week.

As a youth what was the pin point inspired by technology?

Problem Solving: Technology offers powerful tools to solve real-world problems. Being exposed to technological advancements and seeing how they address societal challenges inspired me to contribute my ideas and solutions.

Innovation and Creativity: Technology provides a platform for innovation and creativity. It allows me to think outside the box, come up with new ideas, and transform them into tangible products or services. The ability to create something new and groundbreaking is very inspiring.

Future Opportunities: The world is becoming increasingly digital, and technology is driving the future. By immersing myself in technology, I can position myself for exciting career opportunities. The prospect of being at the forefront of innovation and shaping the future is inspiring.

Global Connectivity: Technology has connected the world like never before. It enables instant communication, collaboration, and sharing of ideas across borders. Being part of a global community and having the ability to make a global impact through technology drives me.

Amidst winning the competition what technological advances are you aiming to produce alongside the cancer-detecting software?

To date, I have built a cancer detection system, an asset management system, a visa card partitioning system, and a digital identification system. I hope to keep identifying problems in my community that I can create solutions for.

What made you as a tech individual choose baking? Are they compatible since they are both demanding careers?

I ended up baking as I was playing around looking for another skill to learn and it turned out well and I have been baking ever since. It’s very demanding as my tech career so I need to be very organised to be able to manage the two.

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