“Music Is My Purpose” – The Phenomenal Uprising of Séy Musiq, The Nigerian R&B Songstress From Baltimore, USA

Charles Myambo
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“PURPOSE” is such a broad term that often carries a variety of connotations. Many perceive “Purpose” to be a “higher calling”, others associate it with “destiny” while some believe that it denotes one’s “role” in this life. The commonality here is that “purpose” seems to yield a lot of significance in a person’s life story! Some may ignore their purpose, others feed into their purpose while a good chunk of people spend a lifetime searching for their purpose. However, now and again, there emerges a person with such vast and exceptional talent which is so palpable that their “PURPOSE” becomes undeniable! One such person is the profoundly talented Nigerian phenom known as Séy Musiq – “Isibhakhomhen Iseghohi”.

From as early as the stage she could talk, Sèy was already exhibiting an elite caliber of vocal talent! The inherent talent she displayed at such a young age was simply irresistible. It wouldn’t take long before everyone around her started noticing the sheer magnitude of her singing ability. Her early inspiration and inclination towards “soul music” was predominantly because of the influence of her church choir growing up. That very same church setting would prove pivotal in fostering her talent during adolescence. Having a diverse ethnicity may have also contributed to her vocal dynamism during those formative years. All the above culminated in producing the remarkably skilled songstress we now know and love today!

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This begs the question, “If Séy Musiq is this ground-breaking talent, then why isn’t she already world famous?” Well, the simple answer is “timing”. Despite her love and adoration for music, Séy has made it a point to take her time and hone her skills before bursting into the mainstream. She is a very cultured lady who believes in her divine calling as a musician. The songstress often says, “If it’s God’s will then it will happen.” Such sentiments are so refreshing and virtuous, especially in this world that is filled with so much ‘impatience’ and affinity for ‘instant’ or ‘overnight’ success! So not only does her musical ability stand out, but so does her character and virtues. Both 2024 and 2025 are expected to be massive years for Séy as she is actively working on her debut full studio project.

Stay tuned and on the lookout for musical masterpieces from the Nigerian-American starlet!

Séy Musiq – Tony Aye Indie fest Performance – 2023


  • Isibhakhomhen Iseghohi best known as “Séy Musiq” is a stupendously gifted 27-year-old musical savant! The Nigerian starlet hails from Baltimore, MD. Her dynamic vocal range enables her to succeed in just about any music genre, with her forte being “soul music” and R&B. She recently released a masterpiece titled “Requited Love” which showcased her indelible talent! 2024 promises to be a significant year in the ongoing ascension of the gifted songstress we’ve all come to know as “Séy Musiq”.
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Words from Séy Musiq

“Since I was a child, I’ve been singing. I grew up in the church and loved the raw soulful voices. There was so much expression and passion in their voices so I emulated it and made it my own. I used to be shy to let people know about my gift, (the humble spirit still eats me) but I learned to be confident because it comes from God. I sing because my life depends on it. It is my purpose, it sheds light on my testimony. Hi, I am Séy Musiq, a Nigerian RnB singer from Baltimore, Md. I aspire to be a well-versed, world-renowned musician. It shall surely come to pass if it be God’s will.”

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