Meet World Renowned Magazine Owner & Samsung Brand Ambassador: Charles Myambo Speaks With StackPack

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By: Charles Myambo

Stackpack is an international business mogul who is extremely multifaceted. He is an industry leader in NFTs, Crypto, and Metaverse. Stack is a highly touted brand ambassador who represents brands such as Gucci, Belaire, Samsung, and C4 Energy Drink. He also owns his own big magazine known as Internet Traffic. In addition, Stackpack has an unprecedented impact on social media having amassed 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone. Stack tends to average 100K likes per post on Instagram which is among the highest worldwide for crypto influencers. He is verified on Instagram, Facebook, Metaverse, and other huge social platforms.

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Charles: Stack your rise has been nothing short of exceptional. Today you represent huge brands like Gucci, Samsung, Balaire, C4 Energy, and many others. Did any of this success catch you by surprise?

Not really, I’ve been working very hard on my craft. When you put out good energy and uplift others you receive what’s meant for you, it was pretty sudden but I enjoy every moment with the brands I’m teamed up with.

Charles: At what point did you realize that you were destined to be a superstar and how did you start working towards that?

I realized that when I was 13 I was always on the computer while my friends were outside playing on bikes. As my teenage years were here I focused more on making beats on my first computer gifted from my auntie.

Charles: It is evident that you are very multifaceted. You are gifted in music production, modeling, media, crypto, and business. Could you shed some light on how you balance your various tasks which are very demanding?

 I find time for every single thing. I always dedicate a whole day to a subject so I can see its progress during that time.


Charles: Most high achievers tend to have a chip on their shoulders and face serious difficulties while rising up. Do you remember all the people who doubted or believed in you? What effect did these people have on you?

Yeah, definitely the first people who put that doubt in the air were high school teachers, it only made me go harder, grow stronger, and wiser. There’s always hate, if they aren’t hating then you aren’t doing something right.

Charles: You own your own big magazine called Internet Traffic and it has been doing extremely well but I’m sure there were challenges when trying to execute your vision at the start. Could you tell us about that?

When I first started internet traffic it was a bit difficult to break inside the industry and find the people who supported but being consistent and focused always made my business thrive.

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Charles: You are an expert at crypto, NFTs, and Metaverse. There are some people who don’t understand that much about crypto or NFTs. How would you advise someone to start in these fields, especially people in Zimbabwe (Africa)?

I would say first understand what Crypto and the blockchain are before you get into it. Do the research before you get into the digital space. Also, look into a lot of different markets and coins to keep track of what’s going on in the Crypto world. When starting in the digital space, start small and expand.

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Charles: What message would you have for young aspiring entrepreneurs who are based in Africa, especially in Zimbabwe?

I would say don’t let anyone block your dreams and look down on them, everyone has their own time. We are all on a journey, just focus on yours and you’ll see things fall into place for you. Sometimes you don’t know how it’s going to happen but just believe, you believe you receive!


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About Interviewer/ Host

Charles Myambo


Charles Myambo is the #1 best-selling author in multiple genres. His latest book which is already a #1 best seller is titled “Powerhouse Voices: Amazing Experiences On Clubhouse”. Charles is also an Actuarial Scientist by profession and he is the esteemed founder of the rapidly growing celebrity community called Team Smooth. He has worked with many world-renowned public figures such as Michael Graziano, Natasha Graziano, Naleighna Kai, and Laura Bilotta. At the time of writing, Charles Myambo’s Team Smooth has organized five celebrity interviews in 2022. Each of the interviews was hosted live on the Clubhouse app. The celebrity interviews which Charles and his team (Team Smooth) curate are strongly targeted toward raising awareness for various charities in need worldwide. What drives him the most is to provide for others largely because of his past and how he would be destitute if people had not shown him kindness.

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