Meet the Ghetto Chaplain

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Born Simbarashe Ndungwa widely known as the “Ghetto Chaplain” is one of the most prominent Zimbabwe best gospel artists, Ndungwa rose to prominence with his single track “Zivo”


Simbarashe Ndungwa was born in Mozokomba in Buhera. He is married and currently and the couple is blessed with two children a boy and a girl. Ndungwa did his primary schooling in Buhera before proceeding to Harare for his secondary education

Music Career

 Ndungwa’s career didn’t start rosy. He had a passion for music at a very young age. That passion would drive him to play with worn-out pots (magaba), and he would sing everywhere, that includes in church, herding cattle, or working in the garden. All this while Ndungwa was living with his parents.

After joining the police force Ndungwa decided to shape up his music as a professional career under the mentor of Baba Na Mai Guti the founder of Zaoga by then he was singing in the choir for Zaoga this didn’t stop him from achieving his dream he moved to be a performer for ZAOGA church and this saw his gaining large attention from the Church members in The clout, through this venture of ministering through music, Ndungwa took a lead into ministering the word of God orally, speculating into preaching and singing also. He released tracks that included:

  • Zivo
  • Nzeve dzemweya
  • I come to you
  • Dzidzo Nyasha (zimcelebs Garage sessions)
  • Gotwe
  • Kudenga kuchafarwa
  • Hondo

And many more, after completing these projects he saw himself being endorsed by big producers in Zimbabwe for video partnerships including NAXO films, this drew many speculations after he produced a gospel -a piano track  that was of world-class standard and could be exhibited as one of the best productions, he didn’t stop from there he made another grand change into the industry by mixing gospel with reggae to have a wider reach using Lucky Dube type of beats a composure that draws people from all divisions bringing it with a dynamic meaning to the audience

His move to being a ghetto chaplain was endorsed in  2020 when he started the journey to ministering to all the so-called “ghetto youths” this saw him relocating into different low-density suburbs such as Budiriro, Southlands, Chitungwiza, and Southlea park to look for and nurture gospel talent in the young ones, from that only he managed to gunner 8 artists into the industry under his mentorship and this includes Dispatch, a gospel musician who is now roaring nationwide uplifting the youth through gospel music ministering.

Ndungwa’s music can be found on Audiomack: Simbarashe Ndungwa, Facebook: Simbarashe Ndungwa, Instagram: ndungwasimbarashe, YouTube: Simbarashe Ndungwa

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