Life of Prolific Portuguese-American Motivational Speaker — Nick Laureano

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By Charles Myambo

Africa’s leading “motivational” magazine, Motimagz sent their Life & Style international correspondent, Charles Myambo to document a feature story on one of the most motivational figures alive, NICK LAUREANO.

Nick Laureano is a 27-year-old public figure who hails from Brockton, Massachusetts. He is most well known for being a prominent motivational speaker, business owner, actor, and influencer. Nick has been covered by reputable outlets such as E News, US Insider, New York Weekly, Ceo Weekly, The Chicago Journal, LA Wire, Us Reporter, Tribune, and many more.

He is also the founder of “Only The Motivated”, a clothing brand launched with the penultimate goal to represent and celebrate everyday people who face adversity and find the strength to overcome it all. In the years to come, Nick fully intends to cement his position at the forefront of multiple sectors, from the entertainment industry and fashion scene to the personal development space. The 27-year-old maverick is setting his eyes on emerging as a top actor in addition to his stellar repertoire as a motivational speaker.  

Since a relatively tender age, Nick Laureano has always exhibited an insatiable desire to inspire, motivate and empower those around him. This inherent inclination to be an inspiration to others was fueled by his own experiences. Nick had to overcome the stigma associated with being different. Early in life, Nick identified that mental health issues were prevalent in society despite the limited conversations around such subjects.

On any given day, anyone can have struggles with sanity and mental health because of the various stresses associated with life. This realization pushed Nick to work toward sharing motivational messages with as many people as he could. Confirmation of his purpose as a motivational speaker came in the form of positive feedback from strangers, peers, family, and friends who told Nick that his motivational messages were morale boosting.

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Rising from a life of obscurity into a life worthy of emulation has placed Nick Laureano on the spot, which is why he lives every day with a mission to inspire. His goal in life is to leave an impact and his powerful speeches, motivational words and infectious energy have kept many people going in their lives. He enjoys seeing other people thrive and smile, and he feels even better when he plays a part in people’s successes.

“My content continues to rise, empower, and spark a change in every individual who watches it. Daily I get messages about how I inspired someone who was feeling stuck or stagnant in life and that alone is mine why. My goal is to be one of the most recognized influencers leaving a mark on humanity in such a positive light while chasing my dream as an actor,” he said.

On a more personal note, Nick encountered challenges associated with his pigmentation as an adolescent and young teen. It would perplex Nick when peers would try to classify him solely according to the color of his skin. Despite being a white male, he identified more with other races. Most of his friends were people of color, predominantly black. Early in his childhood, he noticed that people were often treated differently based on their appearance. Similarly, he noticed that he was perceived differently and deemed as an outlier due to his choice of friends.

Almost all his friends were of a different race group to him. This is large because Nick had a lot of exposure to peers of different races throughout his adolescence and teen years. It is this exposure that Nick credits for his open mindset. The opportunity he had to witness and assimilate different types of cultures helped mold him into the free thinker he is today. His divergent worldview is part of the reason Nick fell in love with motivational speaking. He wants to express his love and passion for all race groups and ethnicities while helping inspire unity.

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