Kenyan E-commerce Outlet Listed Among 2022 Times 100 Most Influential Companies

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Twiga Foods, a disruptive Kenyan e-commerce outlet revolutionizing the African retail sector by simplifying and solving problems related to the supply chain between fresh food producers and retailers has been named amongst the 2022 Times 100 Most Influential Companies.

Twiga is helping solve the problems related to the inefficient fresh food supply chain that include increased food prices, poor quality foods sold, losses to the farmers, access to markets, timely deliveries, etc. Twiga is using its B2B e-commerce mobile platform, Soko Yetu (meaning Our Market in Swahili)) to bring a diverse assortment of products to informal retailers, allowing them to shop and have them delivered to their doorsteps within 24 hours.

According to their official release; Twiga has over 130,000 retailers, served through a fleet that covers a cumulative 12,000Kms daily and handles over 1.2 Million kg of assorted products every day.

Twiga Is Helping Solve & Provide Solutions On:

  • removing the need for many intermediaries, significantly lowering the cost of food for consumers.
  • letting retailers place orders via a mobile device and grants them 48 hours of interest-free credit, giving them time to sell what they order to customers before the bill comes due.

Since 2014, Twiga Foods has been using technology to build supply chains in food and retail distribution on the continent, starting with Kenya, and is now targeting a pan-African expansion to East African markets like Uganda and Tanzania.

“We are offering informal retailers in Africa what global retail chains have established in more developed markets, efficient, digitized, and integrated supply chains. Since informal retailers do not have the scale and capital to do this on their own, we are building it and becoming their back-office, “ said Twiga’s Founder and CEO, Peter Njonjo in their official release statement.

Twiga is also now looking for ways to grow some of its fast-selling food products like tomatoes, onions, and watermelons. With this, they are developing an alternative way of producing food on the continent and covering both ends of traceability and mass scale which will help reduce consumers’ prices for popular fresh food products by over 30%.

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