Jah Prayzah’s Chiremerera and Maita Baba albums takes the musical world by storm

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By Patience Raibo
Mukudzei Mukombe ,better known by his stage name Jah Prayzah, has rocked the Zimbabwean music scene by launching both of his albums, Chiremerera and Maita Baba, simultaneously on May 12 and 13 in Harare and Bulawayo.

With two albums that feature a variety of sounds and subjects to appeal to a larger audience, Mukombe has proven he is a master of his profession. “Maita Baba” was released on May 13 at Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo, while “Chiremerera” was released on May 12 at Old Hararians Sports Club in Harare.

Jah Prayzah mentioned in a Chronicle interview that he made the decision to create two distinct albums to accommodate his followers’ varied musical tastes. “Because my fans frequently ask for more wedding and traditional songs, I decided to create two distinct albums.”Due to their requests, I decided to release two separate albums this time: one that is entirely traditional and the other that is entirely afrophonic. I will then gauge the reaction of my fans.” added Mukombe.

Jah Prayzah has worked with some South African artists and also did a Collaboration with Feli Nandi on the track Sarungano,which has made a buzz on social media.

Derick Matsengarwodzi, describes Jah Prayzah ‘s musical concepts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realm,seeking to explain and define the invisible. JAH PRAYZAH ‘s deep toned chords, and lyrical verses are intended to remind his listeners of their origins, Lifestyle, culture and purpose.

The shona word “chiremerera” means “the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect.” This demonstrates how Jah Prayzah cherishes culture, Ubuntu, respect, and honor.Jah Prayzah should therefore be honored for setting a record in 2023 by releasing two albums back-to-back.

Here is the tracklist for the songs on Jah Prayzah’s 12th album Chiremerera:

  • Chiremerera (Produced by Dj Tamuka Makuluni and Rodney Beatz)
  • Wanga Wakarara (Produced by Rodney Beatz)
  • Hurungudo (Produced by Rodney Beatz)
  • Sarungano (Featuring Feli Nandi) (Produced by Dj Tamuka Makuluni and Rodney Beatz)
  • Gonan’ombe
  • Hasha (Produced by G Fingaz)
  • Chirege Chiyambuke (Produced by Rodney Beatz)
  • Teya Mariva (Produced by G Fingaz)
  • Zibundu (Produced by G Fingaz)
  • Tenda (Produced by Dj Tamuka Makuluni)
  • Pachedu (Produced by G Fingaz)
  • Kurarama (Produced by Rodney Beatz)
  • Mhandu Yenhamo (Produced by Rodney Beatz

Maita Baba ” Jah Prayzah ‘s Second album features a blend of African beats and Modern rhythm. The Album Maita Baba carries a Shona phrase meaning Thank you father, to express gratitude to God for his blessings and Mercy.The Albums carries 13 songs with collaborations with notable Artists such asSha Sha, Dj Tira, Nomfundo, and Gemma Griffiths.

Below is the tracklist and production credits for Maita Baba.

  • Walletically (Produced by Dj Tamuka)
  • Chero (Produced by Victor Stot)
  • Sarure (Produced by Rodney Beatz)
  • Tocheka (Featuring Dj Tira and Nomfundo) (Produced by Mvzzle & Rodney Beatz)
  • Pikinini (Produced by Rodney Beatz)
  • Kure Nehama (Produced by Heavy K)
  • Forogonya (Produced by Rodney Beatz)
  • Wandibhowa (Featuring Sha Sha) (Produced by Dakari)
  • Maita Baba (Featuring Sha Sha) (Produced by Dakari)
  • Ndorira (Featuring Sha Sha) (Produced by Dakari)
  • Shungu (Featuring Gemma Griffiths) (Produced by Dakari)
  • Wandakada (Produced by Victor Sitotombe)
  • Kamwenje (Produced by Victor Stot)
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