INTERVIEW WITH “Doubles Wekwa Marange”

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Sometime late in July this year our writer Chelsea Oktober caught up with Doubles wekwa Marange; an Afro Dancehall artiste who is popularily known for his hits, “Dzava Ngano” and “Kumba Kwedu” for an online interview and provided below is the full interview.

CM: What is the inspiration behind Doubles Wekwa Marange?

DWM: Doubles Wekwa Marange is mainly inspired by the guy Decide in him….Doubles sings real life…..forever music….what happened…what’s happening…what is about to happen.

CM: When did you know you wanted to be a music artist?

DWM: I knew this when i started my O level…..but never shared with anyone

CM: Did you ever fear that no one was going to take you seriously concerning your musical journey?

DWM: I knew it from day one. A lot of people dissed my hustle but little did they know. I sacrificed myself, I mean I told myself I’m gonna lose friends and siblings because of my art life but at the end of the day they would come and give me props. Already they are starting to.

CM: Where your family supportive or dismissive when you started?

DWM: Everybody was against me; mean my two parents, but my sisters and bro were supportive. My mom’s young sisters loved my hustle and would play my music, put artworks on her profile and statuses until my parents saw that this is business and they are now supporting too.

CM: That’s great, so what made you to choose specifically Afro pop and Dancehall?

DWM: Afro pop mainly is so close to real deals, It relates so easily and you know me. I’m an African, so Afro is my identity.

CM: And dancehall? I’m described as Dancehall but honestly speaking my music is not Dancehall. I’m simply in my own lane but anyway lol. I do Dancehall to impress youths and middle aged people again. My music is not explicit, it’s mature.

CM: Lol okay so you are just an Afro pop artist who sometimes drops dancehall songs here and there. You recorded your first song in 2010, how did getting in the studio and deciding this is it feel like?

DWM: It scares at first but you get used as you go. Some are scared for the whole life…lol

CM: I get what you are saying I’m one of those who get scared for life lol. Who or what inspires your music?

DWM: Lol Like I said in my intro. My main inspiration I get it from Decide Razerera Marange. The name Doubles means two people in one. The artist and the other one who inspires the artist but of course real life will make me write these tracks.

CM: Ok. Whose music do you listen to when you are not listening to yours?

DWM: My best artist worldwide are:

  • Chris Brown
  • Diamond Platnumz
  • Roki
  • Doubles wekwa Marange

CM: Those are great artists, anyone aside from that list you would love to collaborate with?

DWM: About collaborations, I don’t just do them, I consider a lot of things….PROFESSIONALISM…..HARDWORK…..FOCUSTALENTDREAMS.

A collabo with Black Coffee is worth it, A collabo with Dj Khaled is a great move. A collabo with Dj Stavo is on point.

CM: Those are great principles you have there. You have worked with so many talented music producers in Zimbabwe, can you tell what that is like?

DWM: Aaaaah….personally i have not yet started. I feel like I’m completing my foundation. Working with the big producers in Zim to me was a MUST. You know, I deserve it, want work with the best of the best. Of course we got limitations in life, but we must do exactly what we want.

CM: My last question how do you tackle being an actor, music artist, a manager for artists. I am sure managing another artist takes a whole lot time so how do you do it?

DWM: It’s easy if you love it. Passion is the secret. I do almost everything with time, so every second to me counts, that’s why I hate people who don’t catch up with time.

CM: Thank you so much for your time, I appreciate you

DWM: Welcome Chelsea.

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