In Conversation With The Wonder Woman: Faith Chipangura

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The wonder- A wonder child has a special, inexplicable talent: a gift for music, for mathematics, for chess, for sport, for art. At work in the field in which they have such prodigal skill, these children seem possessed, and their actions effortless. If they are artists or musicians, Mozart types, their work seems to spring from some inborn impulse, requiring remarkably little thought. If it is a physical talent that they have, they are blessed with unusual energy, dexterity, and spontaneity. In both cases they seem talented beyond their years. This fascinates us. Adult wonders are often former wonder children who have managed, remarkably, to retain their youthful impulsiveness and improvisational skills. True spontaneity is a delightful rarity, for everything in life conspires to rob us of it—we have to learn to act carefully and deliberately, to think about how we look in other people’s eyes – Tafadzwa Zephaniah Makondo

Tinashe Bonde from Motimagz (TM) had an Online Meeting with one of the most prominent rising women in the Zimbabwean Art Industry, Faith Mudiwa Chipangura (FMC). I call her Wonder Woman.  Wonders shall never end and they will never ever.

TM: Good evening, Faith Mudiwa Chipangura and welcome to the MotiMagz Talk Show.  Feel at home. I am Tinashe Bonde.

FMC:  Thank you very much Tinashe for the warm welcome and an opportunity to speak to the Award-winning motivational magazine Motimagz.

TM:  You are more than welcome. 

FMC:  I am great to be here and it’s an honor.

TM: How has your life and experiences influenced you to be a writer or a coach?

FMC: I grew up in a broken background where negativity sprouted out of the mouths of people who were supposed to shield me and encourage me to strive to be better and be better. Where every mistake called for condemnation and criticism to a point that it broke me and affected me as an individual growing up and caused me a lot of emotional instability. So the yearn for healing and peace within me saw me desire that for other people and led me to write and share my story to inspire change and encourage healing. Then in the process of wanting to harness my personal development, l got interested in inspiring the same for others hence l became a coach.

TM: What are your personal beliefs?

FMC: I believe in balancing self emotionally, mentally, physically, intellectually, financially and spiritually.  I hold these six dear to me because any imbalance affects my stability and ability to perform whatever task l am faced with to the maximum, hence all these need to be healthy for me to function well. Family unity is my second one. Family to me isn’t only blood, but it’s everyone in my circle, in my tribes. I am constantly checking in on everyone and open to everyone, kind to everyone and spreading positivity wherever l can because it’s the little things that people need and that make us family.  Then l also believe in diligence, dedication and discipline in all things.  Last but not least, continuous learning and a teachable spirit would seal it for now…

TM: Great and robust personal beliefs there

FMC: Oh thank you Tinashe, it’s been God honestly all the way

TM: When did you start writing?

FMC: I started writing March 3 2016… But only got to publish 18 May 2018

TM: Great, you have risen against all the challenges and you indeed an inspiration.  What we’re the challenges that you have faced or continue to face as you share your story and try to inspire some other people too?

FMC: It’s not everyone who can be helped regardless of how much l want to help. It takes the individual involved to want the help, when they aren’t open to it l can’t help and most times l walk away and give them their space because there isn’t much l can do. My always says you can take a horse to the dam but you can’t force it to drink.  Another one is the blindside of assuming that because it’s been spoken about it’s going to be fine right there and then. We are in a generation full of instant things, and because of that most people overlook the fact that healing is a process which takes time not an instant one. And the other one is the assumption that l have all the answers.  l don’t and because life isn’t a one size fits all, some people get frustrated and they frustrate me in the process.

TM: Can I have your book titles and which one is your best?

FMC:  I am enough: 21-day self-love dare for women (2018).  Dungeons: defining and strengthening moments (2019).  Letters to my younger self (2020).  Things we never say out loud: poems anthology (2020).  Uncapped thoughts: A-Z wisdom nuggets for journey strength (2021). I love them all the same but l have a tie between Dungeons and Letters to my younger self.

TM:  And within that short space you already at 5?

FMC: Mentioning 5 is quite interesting when l started writing it didn’t stop… I don’t know how and l don’t want it to stop either.  Quite a few…

TM: Oooh!  I thought you started writing when you were still a kid with such talent you possess

FMC: l did but l don’t consider it writing because l would scribble everywhere. When l was younger l was more of a reader than a writer. My mom’s Edgars club magazines, Reader’s Digest, Student’s Companion and other magazines really. I was a book worm.

TM: Sounds interesting reads, any special, common, unique themes, lessons?

FMC: The common theme is healing, honesty and realizing true self… With a touch of spirituality and transformation… All of them are more inclined to personal development.

TM: what motivated you to write them or inspired you to write?

FMC: My motivation is the broken people. I can’t fix everyone and everything, but I always say yes to the call to play my part when the holy Spirit lays material in my spirit which then turns into a book.

 TM: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years of writing?

FMC: Honestly God knows what will be happening then.  You know how the Bible says many are the plans of man but God’s prevail? l will leave the most to Him and l will focus on breathing through it all. We should talk again in five years so we see where l will be.

 TM: Who are your role models?

FMC: My mum: l am because she is. From my birth up to now, she’s been the only consistent and supportive force in my life that has kept me grounded and encouraged me to soldier on even through the toughest of times when l would be ready to throw in the towel. Also because l can call her and cry and she still sees her little baby in me.  The late SG of the UN, Kofi Annan. The first black SG of the UN, an astute leader and to me a good example of good leadership that l try to model daily…

TM: I think I have come to the end, anything I left out?

FMC: Uhm-mm nothing l can think of right now.

 TM: I want to just focus on writing too and l just got inspired.

 FMC: Okay no problem. I am here if you need anything else pertaining to this.

 TM:  Oooh! I forgot to talk about the Mentorship.

FMC: I have come quite a long way… Since 2018 l have had several mentorship programs for different divisions of my life. Some for personal development, some for physical exercise, some for writing, some one on one coaching clients. Since 2018, l have through these programs had the privilege to impact well over 750 young ladies go date.  Not an easy thing but somehow grace has carried me through it.

TM: What’s pushed you or inspired to start such an initiative and how far have you gone?

FMC: The desire to give back. I mentioned earlier that l needed healing which saw the process inspire me to become who l am today career wise as an author and coach. I didn’t get here by myself, there was people along the way who were there to facilitate the process. People who weren’t family by blood who held my hand and walked with me through it. And l didn’t pay a single cent. All they said was, pay it forward. So here l am in a position to influence positive change in other people’s lives and l am doing just that hoping they pay it forward as well. By so doing we are creating a ripple effect in our world hoping it spreads because the world needs it more than ever. There is so much need for healing, for transformation and for kindness in this world. The only way l can contribute is through my skills and through what God has planted in me.

 TM:  May God Bless You for giving me the opportunity to talk to you and inspire others out there.

 FMC: Blessings right back at you, sir.

 TM: Thank you

 TM: Good night

 FMC: Same to you.

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