How To Get Start On Your Goals Every Other Year

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We have just started a new year and everyone has been talking about new goals and resolutions but just like any other new year,  year after year we are often hyped by the shift in the calendar forgetting that real personal change starts the moment you decide to. You might be like most of the people that year after year they are setting new goals but at the end of the yearly review, they have nothing to show for the year.

They might have been running about but without any meaningful results to show for the sweat. Do you want to be like them? Are you sick and tired of running about or setting goals that fail to materialize at the end of the year? The greatest achievement we can do to our goals is to get started and many a time we rarely get started on them. What gets you started keeps you going so I’m going to be looking at what you need to do to get started on those goals or resolutions of yours.


God is the author of your life, so why not include him from the start? Let Him speak to you and consult him as you will be starting and working on your goals. It is important to always be in communication with the Creator as you will be working on your goals. I feel that most of the time our goals fail to take off because God might be saying not now or no. So it will be of great help if you always listen to His Word. What is he saying about your life? Are your goals in sync with your God-given mission? Many a time we often set goals that contradict his Word. I like a verse

, “Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.”

 Psalm 127:1 (NIV)


If it doesn’t scare you, then it’s not big enough. We all need to set goals that scare us, goals that push us, goals that challenge us but most of the time we often set the bar too high. This is especially the case with my fellow young entrepreneurs who want to achieve it all in one year. You want to achieve what someone took years to attain in a flick of a second.

We just want to wake up and have six-figure profits. We just want to buy a brand new Mercedes in our first sale. It’s ok to dream big or set big goals but let us be honest with each other, you can’t chew it all at once. You need to break it down to be attainable, for example, instead of talking about a million sales in a year, you need to break it down into monthly, weekly, or even daily sales targets. Breaking it further down will help you see if it’s SMART enough.

I assume we have all had about SMART goals and breaking it down is a true test of SMARTNESS of your goals. You might realize that you need to reset your goals as you would have set the bar too high. Sometimes you can’t even jump over the bar and you might end up straining and injuring yourself. A good example will be for someone who wants to write a book this year. You can’t just wake up one day and try to write it all continuously in a day but you need to break it down say a chapter a week or even say I will write at least 1,000 words a day. This will mean at the end of say three months, you will have over 90,000 words.


After breaking down your goals into consumable or attainable chunks, you can organize them into categories and sub-categories. First things should come first, for example when you want to publish a book, you can’t start printing without the final edited script. Many times we fail to get started because we have jumped stages. You want your business to compete for tenders without the necessary paperwork e.g. getting the company registered and having a procurement certificate.

Remember this, first things should come first, take the first small step then the second one until you reach the top. Have you ever tried to jump 3 or 4 steps? Was it that easy? Did you try to walk one step at a time? Was it that difficult? I’m not opining a strictly uni-directional approach to your goals but there are some fundamentals that you have to get right first for example you need to have a product first before you start selling.

You can’t create a marketing plan with the actual product but I have seen some people doing it but guess what the fate still stands. It will not work, simple!!! Why rush to have it all at once, you can’t achieve it all at once. Some things need time to mature before you start reaping fruits. You can’t plant a mango seed and expect to get fruits the following day but you can do that with a mushroom and in a few days you will be reaping.


I used to be that rigid guy especially when it came to my goals. I couldn’t let any new possibility or thought creep into my mind, especially on my well-set goals but I later realized that I was missing out a lot. Life demands us to be flexible and dynamic because it is not stationary but it is too moving and ever-changing. I would like to refer to the Zimbabwean economy in 2018, where the inflation shot to unprecedented levels and here you are, a self-motivated fellow carefully budgeting your few dollars to start some business at the end of the year.

Assuming you were saving at least $100 Bond every month. At the end of the year you would have saved $1 200 Bond but is it still having the same value? If you are into agriculture then you have been relying on the natural rains and one year the rains are not that good or the climate seems to be changing. Will you still get the same yields? Of course not, unless you are flexible enough to adapt, innovate, and proffer solutions. I have seen most people fail on their goals, not that their goals were not good enough or attainable but just that they were not flexible enough. Be willing to learn new things that edify your goals and also unlearn that defile the same.


I got tons of written down and planned goals and I’m afraid that I might forget some. I checked at the end of last year as I was reflecting and reviewing my goals when I realized that I had missed one or two, not that I had quit or failed to achieve them but I had forgotten them that was when I realized the importance of having an accountability partner. It’s maybe because I hadn’t shared them with my friend, who would always remind me of the goals I had set for my blogging project. So this year, you need an accountability partner if you want to get started on your goals.

Remember what gets you started, keeps you going

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