7 Marketing Strategies for Growing your YouTube for Free

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By: John Ononogbu

Free YouTube Strategy: How to Get Conversions on Youtube


According to Skillademia, 92% of internet users consume at least one video per week. This makes it very important for businesses to take YouTube marketing seriously. This move will ensure that they bring their products directly before their required audience.

 Doing this sometimes can scare some businesses because there is this myth that you can’t build an audience of converting clients without breaking a bank.

In this article, you will see how to strategically grow your audience straight into clients that are willing to buy from you.

Marketing Strategies for Growing your Youtube for Free

1. Understand Your Brand Audience

Free YouTube strategy-audience
  • Define your brand target audience: Building an audience of converting clients on YouTube is totally different from growing just for traffic or pageviews. Hence, it is important to take a tactful approach towards defining the target audience of your company on youtube.
    • The first way this can be done is by researching website visitors of your brand website using Google analytics.

This method works because the key of optimizing for SEO is to bring visitors who are looking for a certain topic on the internet. Google analytics helps you learn about what your visitors came to your website for, the how and the particular page they spent their time on.

  • Another method of defining your brand target audience is by studying the followers of your company’s social media pages.
  • One other method that works is learning about the kind of audience your niche’s competitors are targeting.
  • Identifying your audience’s pain points and desires: Identifying the pain points and desires basically helps you know how to create a content plan that is audience-centric. To identify the pain points of your audience;
    • Get your audience talking by asking the right questions via simple and concise surveys.
    • Acting online reviews from social media and product pages.
    • Complaints and feedback from sales.
    • Learning from competitors’ deficiencies.
  • Creating Buyer Personas to Guide your Marketing Strategy: 

Creating a buyer persona is the next step to take after defining your audience and identifying their pain points. It is one very important step when it comes to creating an effective YouTube marketing strategy. The goal of a buyer persona is to understand the needs and experience (good and bad) your audience goes through in their customer journey.

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To create a buyer persona for a brand, you need to compile all the information you have gotten based on your understanding of your company’s audience. Then you convert this into a fictional representation that guides your company’s marketing, product and sales team. This will help produce a seamless synchrony in your brand’s identity, voice and tone.

2. Standing out with Competitive Analysis

Free YouTube strategy-Competitive Analysis

In building an audience of converting clients on YouTube, businesses must understand their brand competitor to the extent that they can predict their next steps. It matters what type of video you are aiming to create or have created, there are competitors who are doing similar things as your business. In other words, before you came, your target audience was already watching the videos of others. So you need to;

  • Learn about their trending YouTube content: In this aspect, a business owner will learn what type of content is working for others and attracting the attention of the target audience. The aim of this is not to copy but to know what they are doing to trend and create a distinction between your videos and theirs. To achieve this, you can simply enter the related words of a specific keyword your brand is planning to rank for and see what videos are ranking on YouTube search engine. Another way to do this is by using YouTube analytics to collect data of your competitors.
  • Research on the content type and format: Competitive analysis also helps you understand the exact content type and format your competitors are using. This gives you a hindsight especially if your business is just starting to scale or is at a junction of multiple options. The decision of whether you should apply the same method or innovate something different depends on your business goals(in this case, to build an audience of converting clients).
  • Analyze their visible results: Understanding competitors Key performance indicators(KPIs) such as their number of subscribers, views per video, rate of engagement( comments, shares and likes), traffic sources(ads or organic) helps your understanding the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. Free YouTube tools like Social blade can help you thoroughly analyze your competitors metrics and give you a clear understanding of what to expect on your own business channel.

3. Create Valuable Content Your YouTube Page

Free YouTube strategy-Gold, an example of valuables

Having valuable content up on your YouTube page is where it all begins. Your YouTube content must have enough value that will not just attract an audience, but keep them and convert them into loyal and active clients.

To get this done, you have to:

  • Design a custom content strategy: A custom content strategy is one that aligns with needs, painpoints, interest and search of your target audience. To build an audience of converting clients, your videos must first attract and convert your channel’s visitors to loyal audiences. With this, you can be sure that your videos can boost sales or bring conversions to your business.

Tips for creating high-quality video content :

  • A content is high-quality  by how engaging it is to your audience.  The more engaging your videos are, the more views, likes and shares they will get. These shares bring new visitors to your business YouTube page. Creating an engaging post starts with understanding what your target audience wants. If you can hit the nail on their needs, interests and painpoints, then your content will appear to them as if it was made specifically for them.
    • Using storytelling tactics for youtube videos targeted at B2B audience helps your business connect easily with its audience. Storytelling is the spice of content marketing. It helps a business take the audience on an emotional journey. One way to do this is to have a script gotten from your understanding of the needs your audience have and strategically adding it in a simple and relatable way in your videos.

4. Optimizing Your Brand YouTube Page for SEO

Youtube SEO

Trying to rank on a platform like YouTube with myriads of influencers and businesses especially when your budget is small might seem like a lost cause. However, it is not a futile journey because just like Google, YouTube is also a search engine.

 This shows clearly that it has SEO practices which when followed by a business, can enhance the ranking and visibility of the YouTube channel.

Best practices that can help in optimizing a business YouTube channel can either be by Optimizing the business page and outlook or optimizing the videos on the channel.

For optimizing a business page;

  • Maintaining consistent brand identity in your choice of colors, fonts and design. Also make sure the value proposition of the channel matches with your business.
  • Creating an attractive business channel layout. To do this, it’s best to use your brand logo and style guide that gives your audience the impression that they are what you say they are.

For optimizing your YouTube content;

  • Conduct keyword research. Master the keywords in your business niche and build authority on some of them.
  • Properly name YouTube files using target keyword.
  • Adding keywords that fit well into the title of the video.
  • Tagging videos with related keywords.
  • Putting videos in the right category.
  • Using a compelling thumbnail for your content.
  • Write action-evoking YouTube video description
  • Add captions to your YouTube content.
  • Use end screens and slides talking about and linking to other valuable content on your brand’s page.
  • Stimulate viewers to take an action e.g comments, likes, subscriptions and shares.

 All this methods will make it easy for potential audience to recognize and connect with your business page from other platforms.

5. Effectively Promote Your Brand YouTube Page

Free Youtube Strategy- Promoting Your Brand Page

In promoting your business page, YouTube helps in their own way by constantly recommending your business content to audiences searching with exact or related keywords. However, your business needs its team of marketers to be on the edge to promote every YouTube content published on the brand channel. To ensure this happens, they must maximize;

  • Cross promoting content in different social media: Cross promotion on other platforms increases the visibility of your company’s YouTube channel as it allows for more audience to come in contact with your business.

The best way to cross promote on social media is not to randomly share it on the business social media pages. It is rather done well by creating content that links your target audience back to the YouTube video.

Another way of cross promoting your business YouTube video is by repurposing the video into blog posts and articles that you can easily embed links of the video on.

  • Mutually collaborating with influencers who are also looking to grow their visibility. Getting them to collaborate with your business in creating valuable videos allows for mutually beneficial collaboration; your business gains from their audience while their personal brand gains following from your business.

However, you can’t just collaborate with anyone. It has to be influencers that have a similar audience with your business.

Promotion via community building: Successful businesses know that YouTube is not just a place for making trending videos but a community where top businesses build lasting connections and impressions on their audience.

This can be by hosting YouTube live where you get to come in direct contact with your audience and even allow them to share their thoughts via comments which you promptly attend to. Their thoughts could even be suggestions or reviews they have concerning your business. The bond with your audience gets stronger when they see the business applying their views and suggestions.

  • Promoting long form YouTube content via YouTube shorts: One very strategic but untapped method of promoting your business  long form Youtube content is by YouTube shorts. YouTube shorts were implemented by Google during the peak trend of video content on the internet and on social media.

To create a short from your existing long form YouTube content:

  • Use a video-editing app to turn the existing long form video into 30 or 60 seconds shorts. Then add great filters and features to make the video look attractive.
  • Another method is to use the YouTube app. Using the app, go to the “Remix” option on the video and select the option of ” Edit into a short”.
Free Youtube Strategy- Promoting YouTube videos with YouTube shorts

After setting the duration and doing necessary edits. You set the portion of the video you edit into a short. That’s it, your business shorts are up for the upload. However, a necessary CTA and description including the link of the original long video must be added to it. The aim of publishing shorts is to attract more audience directly from YouTube.

6. Transform that Engaged Audience to Converting Clients

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Your business audience will only become committed to you if your brand shows them a level of seriousness and opportunities to engage. Below are ways to drive engagements to your business which helps you in converting your audience base to those who are enthusiastic about your videos and offerings.

  • Running contests and giveaways
  • Conducting brand challenges.
  • Offer discounts to promoters of brand products.
  • Giving free consultation to already existing clients.
  • Email marketing newsletter campaigns.
  • Consistently posting valuable YouTube content.
  • Conducting spotlight interviews with a selected group of audience.

All of these methods can be done at little or no cost and it’s effective even for a business just starting out.

7. Analyze and Adjust Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

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At the end of it all, a marketing strategy is not complete without  the consideration of its metrics and key performance indicators.

  • Measuring your KPIs and success via YouTube analytics helps your business know the results and effectiveness of the marketing strategy used during a specified period of time.
  • Analyzing the marketing strategy also helps in identifying areas for improvement and making adjustments to it. This is key in improving the strategy in order to achieve a better result in the next quarter.
  • Analyzing the results of your business strategy doesn’t just stop at monitoring performance but also in keeping up with the latest trends and changes on YouTube. The discovery will be applied to the improved version of the strategy for better results.


Your brand can say goodbye to the fear of having little or no subscribers on its YouTube channel because with these free marketing strategies, your audience can be transformed into converting clients without breaking a bank.

Do well to implement these strategies and leave a comment below describing the results it helped your business achieve.

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