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Demand for fish has grown globally as it has become an alternative and a bigger source of protein meal-wise and for other uses. Indeed there is a need to boost Zimbabwe’s position as a significant supplier of fish by contracting more farmers to join this lucrative industry. Tilapia niloticus which is also referred to as the bream, because of its high growth performance, yields, demand, and economic benefits compared to other tilapia species is currently the best go-to fish farm specie.

The aqua specie has become a major candidate for commercial aquaculture in Africa; Zimbabwe in turn is no exception. When growing Tilapia, one should religiously follow the feeding program, to control water quality and correctly stock the fish densities, in order to harvest the fish within a space of 6 months and each fish weighing 400 to 800grams. One organization decided to aid in helping every Zimbabwean to become part of the growth Aquaculture that is slowly gaining recognition. Aquaspecialists are ready to take on the burden of helping those with a passion for Aquafarming.

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Aquaculture training by aqua specialists is normally done when the fish seed is delivered to the farmer, who is also equipped with enough knowledge on feeding quantities and quality, water management, daily pond maintenance, and disease control.

Land Recommendations

All types of soil are suitable for pond construction. The space required depends on the pond sizes chosen by the farmer. Farmers are encouraged to choose within the following set of pond dimensions (although ponds can be customized according to the farmer’s specifications):
10m x 10m x 1.5m pond
20m x 10m x 1.5m pond
20m x 20m x 1.5m pond
20m x 30m x 1.5m pond


Clean water which is free from contamination is one of the essentials in fish farming. Borehole water, river, and dam water can be used in fish farming. The use of council water is permitted but degassing of chlorine should be considered.

Fish Seed

Genetically improved seeds should be stocked for the farmer to have a good harvest. At Aquaspecialists we stock sex-reversed fingerlings and deliver seeds between the period of August to mid-April every year. The fingerlings are starved and packed in oxygen bags for transportation. Oxygen bags help to transport the seed for up to 72 hrs.

Fish Feed

Tilapia can survive and grow without supplementary feed. Because of this reason tilapia grow in fertilized ponds feeding on phyto and zooplankton. These ponds can be fertilized using chicken manure or pig manure or the use of plankton booster. If one is into commercial fish farming the purchase of supplementary pellets is recommended and these are given in monthly stages as follows:
1st month – Starter crumbles
2nd month – Juvenile 1
3rd month – Juvenile 2
4th,5th, and 6th month – Grower pellets

Detailed below is the project cost per pond size and profits made after the full cycle (6 months duration to harvest) :

Pond size10×10×1.5 (100m²)20×10×1.5 (200m²)20×20×1.5 (400m²)20×30×1.5 (600m²)
Capacity1500 fish 3000 fish6000 fish9000 fish
Construction cost$450$650$1100$1700
Fish feed $250$500$1000$1500
Plankton booster $30$30$60$60
Bird net$50$100$200$300
Total expenses $780$1280$2360$3560
Fingerlings / fish seedfree, quantity 1500free, quantity 3000free, quantity 6000free, quantity 9000
Fish farming training freefreefreefree
Approx gross profit$2100$4200$8400$12600
Approx net profit $1320$2920$6040$9040

Please note:
-Fingerlings/fish seeds are for free at pond construction.
-fish farming training is free to those who construct their ponds with us
-we buy back fish from our farmers at $2.80-3/kg
-we offer fish farming/first fish growing contracts to our farmers.
-at harvest, we weigh the fish on site, and you are paid on-site in USD cash.

Make money Be a happy farmer Feel free to ask any questions

When you are ready to book for pond construction. Send your details in this form,
Phone number:
Date we should come:
Pond size:
Number of ponds:
Call or app 0775628789

To join Zimbabwe’s fastest-growing family of aqua farmers, Aquaspecialists, requires that a prospective contractor pays for pond construction and fish feed. The company will then supply free fish seed to grow, technical guidance, and purchases everything from the contracted farmers, reducing the risk of financial loss.


AQUACULTURE SPECIALISTS (JAYROP FISH MOVERS) (PRIVATE) LIMITED, is a registered aquaculture company that specializes in FISH FARMING goods and services. It was established to engage in contract fish farming throughout the country. This encompasses fish growing and fish breeding of Tilapia Niloticus. Aquaspecialists has experts ready to deliver fish seed and train farmers for 3 hours on site. The company offers free online training for any customers in need of training prior to the project.

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