Chemutai Koskei: The Audacious & Youngest University Chairperson in Kenya

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  • Ms. Loraine Chemutai Koskei hails from Bomet County
  • She is a final year Law Student at Kabarak University
  • She is passionate about Mental Health
  • Her political role model forever remains The Late Hon. Joyce Laboso (Former Governor of Bomet County)

Just like Nakuru County, Kabarak University is one of the few universities in Kenya that have embraced and continues championing women’s leadership. Today, Ms. Loraine Chemutai Koskei seats at the apex office of Kabarak University’s Students’ Organization (KUSO) as the Chairperson. The 20-year-old beautiful lady is in her final year as a Law student at Kabarak University, and the youngest University Chairperson in Kenya.

With her age, many fail to understand what actually inspired her to vie for the male-dominated seat. In response to this, Ms. Koskei confidently says that it’s the need for action that actually propelled her to get to the race for she also wanted to see that what is said is being done.

She adds that “It was a drastic decision which was met with the opportunity to bring change and preparation to make a change.”

At first, Ms. Koskei never ever dreamt or thought of joining campus politics but due to the conducive environment that Kabarak University has created for those interested in joining campus politics, she decided to try her luck. With a very good support system from her family, she gathered the courage to compete for the top seat.

Among many others, the sole duty is to ensure that the student’s welfare; both physical, mental, and emotional are taken care of. For this, Kabarak University has a Social Affairs Department and the Students Affairs Department that handles the matters.

Over and above that, she adds that,

“We have work-study programs every semester. There is also a reserve for financial aid for students by management and in the pre-corona, there was the Kabarak Half Marathon, which used to go to students. There are proposals too that we hope will be implemented soon.”

For a student to qualify for the work-study program by Kabarak University, the Students Affairs Department in consultation with the Student Leaders of Kabarak University shortlist students depending on the gravity of the situation (background checks). Additionally, students send applications to the management of the University for scholarships.

Challenges are part of what sharpens her to be better every single day as she positively faces them and works towards a greater course of comrades’ interests.

“Student leadership is nowadays non-autonomous. With the need for a firm voice for comrades, there are measures that not only institution-wise but countrywide have curtailed this need. Therefore, there’s a need for policies around student leadership to be reviewed.” she says.

To support the different hustles and businesses comrades have, Ms. Koskei and her team together with the University’s management, are reviewing various mechanisms to promote the comrades.

“We support various hustles by contracting comrades during school events and also advertise the hustles of the comrades. We hope to bring aboard more sustainable methods of support,” Ms. Koskei says.

Part of the achievements she, and the entire students’ body, are proud of include consistently advocating for mental health awareness through various awareness campaigns, and appreciating the ingenuity in the students’ talents through a couple of events among many other activities. She has also taken part in a number of community outreach programs and mentorship programs and she hopes to achieve a lot more in the future.

Koskei Sanitary Towel Drive Motimagz Magazine
Ms. Koskei at Chepkoisom Highschool in Bomet County

Ms. Koskei boldly states that her role model remains to be the Late Hon. Joyce Laboso (Former Governor of Bomet County).

“She was among my areas Member of Parliaments, then later our Governor. She broke the ceiling and I really admired her courage and she walked so that we could run. I also admire how quick-witted Hon. Millie Odhiambo is. Lastly, I’m inspired by the likes of Dr. William Ruto, Hon. Susan Kihika among other leaders.”

As resolute as she is, Ms. Koskei hopes to one day serve the people of Bomet County. She says that leadership is not only about politics but also public service and that she would really love to serve in both capacities someday.

Koskei Prayer Breakfast Motimagz Magazine
Ms. Koskei with fellow Leaders at The National Prayer Breakfast on 26th May, 2022

With the just-held elections in Kenya, there has been a notable rise in the number of women in leadership, and this inspires the young leader more.

“It’s a journey we are taking as a nation to achieve the 2/3 gender rule and I must say that we are progressing,” she remarks.

As for Ms. Koskei, she hopes that the elected leaders’ focus shall be on the effectiveness of service delivery to the electorate. She also expects to see more leaders go for these leadership positions.

She adds that “A country without female leaders is like a home without a mother.”

Apart from her leadership roles and academics, Ms. Koskei does a lot more other things with notable ones including undertaking community outreach programs like carrying out sanitary towel drives, and mentorship programs for teenagers. Soon, she will be starting her own foundation so as to broaden her impact. 

On Social Media find her via:

TWITTER: @Lorainekoskei

FACEBOOK: Loraine Koskei

INSTAGRAM: @lo.raine_koskei

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