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Quiana Alexander best known as “Qui Soul” is a tremendously gifted and vastly multifaceted recording artist. The songstress excels in a variety of music genres such as Rap, Soul, and R&B. Her exceptional vocal range and dynamism always complement whatever beat or instrumental she hops on. Qui is one of those artists you can’t get enough of once you listen to her for the first time. She creates pulsating music that evokes a variety of emotions for listeners. A recent body of work that encompasses all of her profound music traits is her studio album titled “Calling All Producers”. The Motimagz Life & Style correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) had an interview with Qui Soul (QS). Below are some excerpts from the interview.

CM: Qui, your vocal dynamism is quite impeccable! What makes you so fluid in any genre whether it’s “Rap”, “R&B” or even “Soul Music”?

QS: Well, I guess you could say I’ve always loved different music genres! I’ve been exposed to a variety of styles growing up, and I’ve always enjoyed exploring different sounds and vibes. Whether it’s rap, R&B, or soul music, I find something special in each genre. It’s like a colorful palette of emotions and expressions that I can tap into. Plus, I believe that music has a way of connecting people, no matter the genre. So, I try to be open-minded and embrace the fluidity of music. It’s all about following the rhythm and letting the music guide me!

CM: During which phase in your musical journey did you realize that you were born to be an artist?

QS: So, I kinda stumbled into being an artist too. I started singing in church, and I’ve always been into the artistic world. I graduated from the Oakland School for the Arts, which is super prestigious. While I was there, I focused on arts management and got to explore the business side of the arts. But don’t get me wrong, we had to participate in all the arts too! It was an amazing opportunity to dive deep into my passions for music, dance, and theater. After college, I realized I wanted to try things out for myself, so I started making music with my family and paving my artistic path. It’s been quite a journey!

CM: “Creative lyricism” is a major aspect of your repertoire! Walk us through your typical preparation and routine when you’re working on a song/album. ?

QS: When it comes to writing songs, I draw inspiration from various aspects. It can be a melody that pops into my head, something I witnessed on the street, a personal life experience, or even a story from a friend. I’m a natural storyteller, so conjuring up a tale is second nature to me, especially if it’s based on personal experiences. My goal is to take my listeners on a journey, setting the tone and allowing them to truly feel the story, the pain, and the love as if it were their own. The flow of my lyrics usually depends on the energy I get from the beat. I never know where it will take me, but in my opinion, I always land well. Also, I’m constantly learning, and new things come to me every day. The more I grow, the more the unknown opens up to me.

CM: “Calling All Producers” is easily one of the most captivating albums I listened to in 2023! Where did you derive the inspiration from?

QS: I chose most of the beat selections as rap beats, and I also included a few afrobeat/pop-sounding ones just to test my versatility in my writing. At first, I felt a bit distant when some beats were presented, but then I embraced the challenge. I wrote a story and incorporated it into those songs. The story serves as a silent prayer, a testament to fighting for love, faith & hope through adversity. With all of that, I decided to name the album ‘Calling All Producers’ in the hopes that one day I will attract and collaborate with my producers, creating my unique sound.

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CM: To those fortunate enough to get a glance at your music or LIVE performances, it’s quite evident that you’re a rising superstar. Who, if anyone, do you attribute your musical prowess to?

QS: I would have to say that I attribute my musical prowess to my family. First I started singing in church with my younger siblings. We were a group they called “The Famous Four” Growing up, I was surrounded by relatives who were passionate about music and encouraged my artistic pursuits. My granny, my mom, my siblings, and my extended family all played a role in shaping my love for music. Whether it was singing together at church, family gatherings, or vibing out in the living room, they inspired me to explore my musical talents and express myself through music. I’m truly grateful for their support and influence in my musical journey.

CM: I hold “pro musicians” in high regard because of the sheer difficulty and competitiveness of the music industry. How do you cope with the everyday challenges that come with being an artist?

QS: Coping? Lol, well I guess I can say that I’ve developed many ways of maintaining my peace. Being a musical artist comes with its challenges, so I have a few coping strategies. First, I try to stay focused and motivated by reminding myself of my passion for music. I also surround myself with a supportive network of fellow artists and friends who understand the ups and downs of the industry. Additionally, I find it helpful to set realistic goals and break them down into smaller, manageable tasks. And most importantly, I always remember to take care of myself mentally, physically & spiritually. It’s all about finding that balance to stay resilient!

CM: Qui, you have the last word. Kindly let us know what the amazing Quiana Alexander still has in store for us this year.

QS: Things I’m looking forward to are expanding my creative artist’s journey with traveling and building a larger following. I want to manifest meaningful collaborations, find a personal producer, and also dive deeper into the nonprofit world. I just started my business, Executive Soul Productions. It’s an event companion where we explore art, community, and culture through behind-the-scenes production! We take care of the details while you enjoy the magic of your event or idea. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @executivesoulproductions! And of course, to stay connected find me at @quisoul on all platforms. Thank you.

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