19-Year-Old Launches Feminism Book

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By Sylivia Changachirere

When people say that age is just a number, it doesn’t only refer to Love, success is also a factor.

Grettelle Gaza is only 19 and already a book has been published and launched talking about feminism, in which she addresses the gap and misconceptions that have been created in the definitions of Feminism.

In her words about what the book is about, she revealed this…

“Being ‘Unapologetically feminist’ is a book that seeks to demystify the misconceptions surrounding feminism. It seeks to address issues relating to gender and empower women to make daring moves to liberate themselves from the clutches of patriarchy.

“There is tremendous dissent and vehement disagreement among people on the subject of feminism. It is viewed as a movement that seeks to oppress and suppress men and is often associated with strong, angry, and forceful women. So as a feminist myself l decided to educate people on the subject of feminism, its significance, and why it should matter to all of us.”

Not only does she mention the education as a feminist that is young Miss Gaza is determined to provide her audience with the honest and truest form of Feminism, which molds hope and empowerment of the female gender.

In a recent interview with MotiMagz Grettelle explained further feminism, what it is all about, and the circumstantial beliefs on it.

“Feminism is simply a justice movement, a belief in the competence of both men and women and therefore a fight to strike a balance between the two and achieve equality.

However, it has been associated with extreme versions of it. It’s associated with strong, vengeful, angry, and bitter women which are all negative and completely wrong connotations I just sought to demystify the misconceptions surrounding feminism which makes it a movement most just frown upon.”

Adding on such a mouthful Grettelle denotes the belief in equality amongst sexes and its benefits to all.

Being only 19 Miss Ganza speaks with the wisdom of a 40-year-old woman who has gone through much in life and is ready to teach what feminism indeed is to the world.

“I believe we can all be feminists and vouch for equality but only once we truly understand what a state of equality means. I wanted to educate people on that. I unquestionably support gender equality and feminism. I believe that men and women are undeniably different in many aspects but that doesn’t warranty inequality. Despite our gender roles we are two opposites of the same coin and save in building our world,” Miss Gaza adds.

Amidst advocating for Feminism at a young age Miss Gaza reveals her feelings towards being a young and verified author at an age many could not accomplish or wish they did.

“It brings a great sense of achievement, not necessarily because of the age attached to

my success but because it has always been my dream you know, the ultimate goal was always to author something that encompasses all those ideas and values l failed to exhaust in my articles so l am really happy and proud of myself.”

The launch of the book ‘Unapologetically feminist’ took place onthe14th of May meaning the book is ready for purchasing, in light of the launch Miss Gaza describes the day as amazing and had a line-up of guest speakers like Rufaro Matsika from Young Women for Economic Development (ED), Sicelo Dube the Zimbabwe Stem Ambassador and Hon J Mamombe who is a senior MP from Harare West.

The young lady lends us an exclusive event that might happen to relaunch the book and make an even bigger mark upon the publishment of the book which is being slotted for the 1st of July 2022.

To get the book of Miss Gaza contacts the following:

+263 715 223056

My email grettygazah@gmail.com

My social media handles

Twitter – @GrettelleG

Instagram- @tavonga.she

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