A Warming Planet; Cause For Concern

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Green it club members pose for a picture at a recently held environmental seminar at Ran mine primary in Bindura'

By: Lovemore  Nyawo

Intrinsically warm temperature over the last seven years have been symptomatic of the adverse effects of climate change globally .Some of the effects of this world changing environment order include melting of the glacier, adverse impact on livelihood and biodiversity, loss of lives  and destruction of human habitats .These constant trail of destruction have been felt globally ,characterizing that climate change  and its attended environment distraction has spared none .

For instance in 2021 global temperatures  were between 1.1 and 1.2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial  average.  Part of Asia, Middle East  ,North and West Africa recorded soaring temperatures with China, Nigeria and Bangladesh being some of the worst affected nations.

 Intergovernmental panel on Climate change report states that  to limit warming to 1.5°C would require roughly halving emissions by 2030.

“Global  average temperate doesn’t kill anyone ,it is the heat waves, it is heavy rainfalls .The very high –impact events often are the extremes ” says Frediotto ,Climate scientists and co-lead of the Weather Attribution Network  

The pattern of  disasters  has also seen environmental threats which includes hurricanes, wildfires ,tornadoes and floods such as Cyclone Idai which left a calamitous trail of environmental destruction ,loss of lives and livelihood in the east borderline areas between Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

In april severe   flooding and landslides caused by heavy downpours   affected Kwazulu-Natal  and Eastern Cape provinces in South Africa and around  443 people died and 40000 misplaced.

Interpol specialised  officer for SADC Col Pierre Du Toit during his presentation at the Zimbabwe National Defense University in March  stated that Climate change poses a security threat to SADC goals for regional economic development .Increased frequency of cyclone , droughts and floods  has damaged infrastructure ,destroyed agricultural crops and thus negatively impacted on food security ,disrupted livelihoods and loss of life. The SADC region is expected to experience worse heatwaves than in past which will affect rainfall ,wind and timing and intensity of weather events. In line with its objectives the region has been able to minimize negative impacts of non traditional   security threats by devising programs that are responsive to the needs of member states

Notwithstanding  troublesome effects of  environmental change new ad roads that are centered around mitigating are emerging , sustainable power wind and solar based ,tree nursery  and waste management  Transitioning to cleaner sources of energy is  a priority.

 United Nations Convention on Strengthening Climate Governance requires the government to develop and implement education and  awareness programs, train scientific, technical and managerial personnel, promote access to information and public participation to address climate change .

Thus young people are critical to climate change adaptation and their involvement in conservation practices will lead to strong environmental responsiveness. Active and energetic , their involvement in climate agenda is of paramount importance.

AICC Zimbabwe project manager last year remarked “ youth can help stop climate in their own simple yet purposeful ways such as joining environmental organizations ,participate in various governmental ,school or community programs and projects against climate change. They can also join clean-up drives at school in community,participating in tree planting and go green activities ,recycling initiatives ,getting involved in environmental protests and campaigns”

Green it  club at Bindura university of Science and education has been active in teaching college students and nearby groups on problems of environmental conservation and weather alternate. Last month the Club prepared a community  environment  seminar at Ran mine Primary school dubbed’ impacting lives through tree planting  and environmental conservation’.

In an interview with Green it  president Mazvita  Hodera ,she said “we  need to teach younger people  and local  people about  global warming and weather alternate , plant trees as a way to  mitigate the affects  and its everyone’s duty to be environmental conscious”

Advances in innovation and the use of social platforms can effectively mobilize communities and businesses towards climate change mitigation mechanisms.

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