A Look At Soul Ties

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By : Kudzi Kirichi

I once posted a status on my Whatsapp that said, “You are not fighting demons. You have 33 soul ties!” someone then hit my inbox asking what I meant by that statement.

Soul ties can also be seen as spiritual bonds that we form when we get into a relationship or have intercourse with someone. When a relationship starts right let’s say two people come together and they start dating basically they have formed a soul tie between them. The moment a person says I love you and you reply saying I love you too you have already formed a bond. That’s why sometimes it is advised that only people who intend to spend the rest of their lives together get into love relationships. Though nowadays due to a lack of proper enlightenment on this issue people play around with the words I love you even when they do not mean them. A person telling four or five people that he or she loves them at the same time, you can only imagine the five bonds that they have already formed. Though most of the time it is not to their knowledge these soul ties will actually have an impact on their lives.

Now that the initial bond has been formed, comes the deadliest bond that many people these days do not seem to care about. Lately, people have been having sexual intercourse with countless partners for fun they say. Sadly, we do not really understand how we are slowly affecting our lives. The moment you have intercourse with someone either you are forming a soul tie or you are actually strengthening the existing one. Now you are sharing demons. If one has whatever problems they have or generational curses or spirits that are after them, in a way you now share all that.

You are now one. So whatever attacks your partner or spouse in a way attacks you. That is why at some point you will get to see that if you are dating a certain person your life flows, everything even money will not be a problem. Then when you date or sleep with a different individual everything seems to be at a stand-still. It’s like everything you are doing never works out. One struggle after another. That will be because we all come from different backgrounds and our demons are different and totally affect us in different ways.

Now imagine having 33 soul ties. What a web? When you are in a relationship with more than 1 person and also having intercourse with more than one person it means you guys now have a web. The three of you or more now share demons or spiritual bonds. Probably that’s a death sentence. Imagine fighting many bond connections you know nothing about. Since all of you on the web do not know each other this then means you know nothing about their backgrounds, family issues and that’s the worst part.  When someone cheats on their partner, it does not only include the heartbreak, a lot of things are involved some of which is a story for another day but most importantly they would have exposed their partners to certain spiritual bonds. Many of these people are not spiritually equipped to fight the spiritual wars that come with these bonds so they negatively affect them.

Thus, most of the time we are not really fighting one demon or we are trying to fight one demon when we are connected to more people and we wonder why certain we never really win. We should all be mindful of the energies and people we let into our lives be it friends, lovers, or even some family members. Do not think that you are having intercourse for fun because it is really never about fun but about what you are sharing with the person you are sharing with.

Some will bless your life and some will curse your life…

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