5 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging For Your Business?

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Yes we have been talking about blogging quite a bit and been looking mostly at the technical aspects and getting you started on blogging and most of the times it appeared as if it was only for personal gain but did you know that you can also blog for your business? Blogging for business is nothing different from other blogging but mostly in business blogs they are all put under a certain page.

With most WordPress themes they come with a blogging functionality meaning that even on your company website you can still have your blog page. Posts are created and categorized by labels and tags that enable easy navigation by readers on your blog as they move from one blog post to another or trying to search relevant content. However many people opt to give this blog section different names e.g. some might call it ‘News’. There comes a lot of reasons why you should be blogging for your business and I am going to be looking at the reasons one by one.

Get Qualified Traffic To Your Site

Remember you do not just want any traffic to your business but you want qualified traffic to your site. The traffic that will generate into leads and likely to convert into your customers. You also have a certain audience that you want to serve. Take for example you are into travel and tourism, then obviously you would want people who are interested in travelling to come to your site because you know that they are likely to convert later. The greatest mistake will be to assume that everyone is your audience. Take a look at your buyer persona as it helps you to qualify the traffic that you want to come to your site. Then your blog posts and headlines should help generate this kind of traffic.

Generate Leads

Using Call-To-Actions (CTA) you can then generate more leads for your business. Take for example at the end of your post, you include a CTA that ask your readers to subscribe to a private free master class on blogging. It means you now have moved your audience one way down the funnel where they are likely to buy your services or act as promotional agents for your products. Also by merely subscribing to your newsletter and blog posts, you can now easily communicate with them, help them in a more personal and effective way.

Build Brand Loyalty

Imagine a scenario where your audience looks up to your posts because they are valuable. Blogging is one generous way you can give back to your customers and capture prospects for your business. Everyone wants free things and imagine yourself giving out free information, advice and expertise to the world. People will mostly be loyal to your brand the moment they see that you are generous. People will also definitely like to buy from you when you are generous with information and they will be loyal to your brand.

Establish your business as an expert

Imagine the competitive business world we are living in right now and you would want to stand out from the rest of your customers. The game seems to be changing as customers now seems to be sensitive to advertising gimmicks and adverts seems to be no longer converting as anticipated even though there is an increased advertising costs.

There is one easy hack that seems to bring desired results with little or no costs and this is none other than blogging. Your blog posts when they are well curated and researched they are likely to make you stand out from the completion. Let’s take an example of two companies that are each into selling computers on their website. Company A writes a blog post looking at the hardware and software components of one computer and Company B design a flier selling one computer. Who is likely to be viewed as an expert in the computer sales industry? Who are you likely to buy from?

Imagine all the people searching only about anything related to your industry and there you are with their answer. Let’s go back to that example of travel and tourism business; someone is searching the Top Travel Destinations in Zimbabwe and there you are on your blog with a post like, ‘5 Top Travel Destinations in Zimbabwe’ and fortunately their browser picks up your post. After reading if they find it valuable then maybe they will get your contact details that will be in the footer or on your main website. That visitor is likely to later reach out for your services. Writing your posts with relevant keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques you put yourself up for search and make the browsers easily find you.

By Coach Tinashe. He is a Blogging Trainer & Coach. You can contact him on +263785413075 or email tinabonde196@gmail.com

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