18 Year Old Poetry Genius Officially Launches First Book

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Eighteen-year-old Makomborero Nhau, launched a poetry book proving to the world the genius author in the making she is. Makomborero Nhau also known by the stage name Poetess Empathi became a writer in her teenage years. Nhau began writing in Form 2 when she created a poem for a friend on her birthday. This act of creativity propelled her into poetry and in 2020 she won the second place prize in the Daughters Destined for Purpose poetry writing competition.

In her interview with Motimagz, Nhau described herself as being driven by a head start in gaining new experiences and information. “I’m a big-hearted empathic Poet and Author. My parents just found me to be their package of blessings I suppose, having christened me ‘Makomborero.”

“I am a visionary and servant leader with a growth mindset. I’m also a youth advocate trained by Yalep. I am undergoing A-level studies in Arts. I’m still deciding about my career path. I have law and psychology on my mind but may also stick to the writing industry but as a hobby,” she said.

“Writing is an art that has been continuously growing in me, I diarise almost everything. It has been 2 years now writing for publication. I began writing poetry in 2018,” says Nhau.

profused feelings

Nhau said she draws inspiration to write from her environment and what takes place in the world at large,

“I have special intelligence skills, I’m visual, spatial, interpersonal, existential, musical, natural, and intrapersonal, most of these allow me to write to my best ability.”, she added.

“The book, Profused feelings is about people’s day-to-day emotions and experiences. It contains information that most people can relate to, the teenagers, Christians, and old too. It carries topics like GBV,teenage life,motivation,Christian life,love,lessons etc. The poems focus on how people live their lives and mostly on how they respond or get affected emotionally. Everything is bottled up in the book and freely shared that’s why it’s titled Profused feelings. Profused feelings are the feelings poured/shared out freely,” she said.

Apart from writing Nhau additionally enjoys reading, artwork, crafting, listening to music, and watching videos.

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